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Sad prospects of the Russian economy

Печальные перспективы экономики России

Deceived “dear Russians” don’t want to believe the promises of corrupt officials that the situation in economy was stabilised and we should expect improvement.

To live with every day becomes harder. There is a widespread increase of prices for food, goods and services. And all this against the backdrop of wage cuts, falling real living standards and growing like a snowball, delays in payment of salaries of employees in enterprises and companies.

In these circumstances, the bureaucrats, it seems, went not only to “manual control” of the economy but also the “manual control” of the national currency, or rather the dollar. However, this does not lead to stabilization of the economic situation in the country and to the enrichment of individual banks and financial companies, bankers and traders, as well as corruption, possessing insider information, option volatility of the Russian ruble.

Let me remind you that in early 2015 the international rating Agency Moody’s downgraded Russia’s sovereign rating to the speculative level. It’s been a year, but the situation probably has worsened.

We can observe a significant deterioration of Russia’s balance of payments caused by the fall in oil prices and the deteriorating political and economic relations with Ukraine, causing a number of negative for Russia consequences.

It should be noted that a growing systemic crisis in the banking system and the economy as a whole. Considering all these factors it can be assumed that the deficit of the state budget of Russia will greatly exceed the planned level and may reach 5-7 percent of GDP.

It should be noted that “manual control” of the economy, and we are talking about the anti-crisis measures and mnogomillionnyj the injections into the economy, leading probably only to a deterioration of the overall situation.

The fact that those tens and hundreds of billions of rubles, which should support enterprises of the country afloat, sometimes simply never reaches them.

Technically, no one plunders, however, a significant portion of these budget funds deposited at banks. Just do not think that all banks are now “feed” from the hands of corrupt officials. Not at all. Budgetary funds are deposited only in selected banks and, I think, not for free…

In General, I have to repeat already expressed earlier the idea that our government will destroy corruption. Sooner or later, the abscess will break through the corruption, the corrupt officials will be abroad together with budgetary funds, and the people will rashlebyvat for all their transgressions.

Lest you think I exaggerate, here is the message Neglinnaya Bank of the country that the deficit of Russia’s budget in 2016 will exceed the planned 3 percent of GDP. Moreover, this Bank can no longer hide the fact that in the first quarter of the current year Russia’s GDP will fall by 0.3 percent. But it’s official !

I hope you’re not naive enough to think that the economic situation in the country will suddenly improve ? Or you will continue to believe the promises of the corrupt ?..

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