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“Sacrificed the fed Cup for the Olympics”

"Пожертвовали Кубком Федерации ради Олимпиады"

Female Russian national team on tennis has lost in the quarterfinals of the Federation Cup team of the Netherlands is 1:3. In an interview with “the Ribbon.ru” the captain Anastasia Myskina told about the reasons of defeat, as well as to speculate about a possible resumption of a career.

The quarter-final match was decided relatively quickly. Only on Saturday Ekaterina Makarova in two sets lost to Kiki Bertens (3:6, 4:6), and Svetlana Kuznetsova in a close match, in which was set a new record of duration of a single meeting in the Federation Cup (4 hours), gave a point Rigel Hogenkamp— 6:7 (4:7), 7:5, 8:10.

Leaving all the power in Saturday’s marathon, on Sunday, Kuznetsova practically without struggle has conceded to the first number of the national team of the Netherlands, 53rd racket of the world of Bertens — 1:6, 4:6. So Russia already in the first three meetings has lost chances of a prestigious trophy. The fourth single cancelled by agreement of the teams, and the mandatory, but nothing solved the doubles match, the victory was celebrated by Ekaterina Makarova, Darya Kasatkina — 6:0, 6:2.

Hot on the heels of the defeat reasons “Tape.Roo” said the captain of the Russian team Anastasia Myskina, also commented on the Olympic games qualification system and the prospects of Russian tennis.

“Ribbon.ru” Anastasia, how unexpected was the outcome of the confrontation with the Netherlands? Are you shocked?

Anastasia Myskina: We knew that the Netherlands played well for two years. So we are not shocked, and saddened. Our opponents played a great match. Maybe even the best in his career. If we than and are shocked, then perhaps the fact that each hit in a line or touch the grid was in their favor.

Maybe underestimated the opponent?

No, no underestimation could not be and speeches. In the World League there are no weak teams. We knew that. Any further words will sound as an excuse. What happened, happened. The girls played and fought. Certainly, something was wrong. But the main thing — this weekend we were a real team. Did everything possible to win. Did not work. We can say, sacrificed the fed Cup for the Olympics. Priority tournament for us are the Games. And the most important matches are still ahead.

Be able to go back, would change something? For example, would put on a crucial alone is Kuznetsova, who spent a lot of effort, a young Kasatkin?

No, nothing would have changed. Saturday night we had a long discussion of who to play next. In the end, chose Svetlana. Moreover, lost 0:2, and to put 18-year-old Kasatkin to a showdown it would be too much. Expose inexperienced athlete this pressure is the biggest risk you can psychologically break.

"Пожертвовали Кубком Федерации ради Олимпиады"

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

Much has been said about the arrival of Sharapova. When you realize that she’ll never make it to court?

On Thursday evening (February 4 — approx. “The tape.ru”).

How about the practice of attracting famous athletes to the games for the national team “for show”?

Speaking of Maria, she twice came to the team last year, had a great meeting with Poland and the Czech Republic. Therefore, in this situation to present her claim would be wrong. Of course, every athlete wants in any way to qualify for the Olympics. Each sport has its own requirements. Calling, but not involving Sharapova, we deceived nobody.

Who determines the composition of the team?

What I am doing now. There is no one else.

What about Shamil Tarpischev? He did not Express an authoritative opinion?

That’s not his job. He’s got troubles enough. He is busy with larger issues. But, of course, we listen to his opinion, hold him responsible for their decisions.

How do you choose who to bring to the team?

We try to listen to the wishes of the candidates on their schedule. We don’t just mindlessly call names. Constantly monitor the psychological and physical condition of the girls.

Tarpischev, a former captain, told me that lost the match for about 2-3 pounds. With you the same story?

The girls fed me (laughs). They all think I’m a hanger. Of course, lost. How not to lose weight.

Accustomed to the role of captain?

No problems feel. I have two years in this position. Spend less time on the road. Especially when compared to the period of active playing career. Went to several tournaments with Kuznetsova. In the past year attended a couple of matches Makarova. No mandatory program no. If you know that you can watch for any runner-up in the team — the food without hesitation.

"Пожертвовали Кубком Федерации ради Олимпиады"

Anastasia Myskina (left) and Ekaterina Makarova

Photo: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

Maria Sharapova in Australia once again lost to Serena Williams. Have you been in the career of an inconvenient rival? Or, on the contrary, tennis players, to play with whom you were in a special mood?

You know, one, probably, was not. Was always a fundamental confrontation with Elena Dementieva. Generally, all the matches against your compatriots were special. The media has closely followed the Russian Derby, because many of us were in the top ten in the world rankings. And then, to get into the team, you had to jump above the head.

You with Dementieva since the childhood played together. The most memorable match in your career — the final of “Roland Garros-2004”?

I don’t think. In actual fact full of memorable meetings. The final of the Federation Cup-2004 in Moscow. Then in the decisive doubles match we won French. Match “Rolan Garros” in the same year against Kuznetsova, which I lost, but showed character and managed to reverse the course of the meeting. Olympics again always stands alone.

Start your career passed without intense media attention. How media can help or hurt a young player?

Clearly, the benefit or harm of the media’s attention depends on the psychological qualities of the athlete. Someone this is vital, as, for example, Andrei Rublev. He is fueled by this energy, and demonstrates his best tennis under pressure. Dasha Kasatkina, however, feels more comfortable and confident in a relaxed atmosphere.

Is there a worthy replacement of the current generation of players, besides the already mentioned Kasatkina?

Of course. We have Kale, Pervushin, Rybakin, Pospelova. Rita Gasparyan, although she’s a little older. We have enough promising the girls that we observed.

Talent and hard work. What should be the ratio of successful tennis player?

Truly great athletes combine a lot of qualities. The only thing necessary to all without exception, — physical training. In modern tennis without it anywhere. To withstand long fights, and the next day back into the fight, as Kuznetsova.

You are in good physical shape. At the dawn of the career you’ve played against Martina Hingis, winning the Australian Open in 2016 in the doubles. There is no desire to follow her example, to re-enter the court?

I have three children, Martina and none. So no, I don’t want to (laughs). Although, you know, maybe sometimes the thought creeps in. One sure wouldn’t want to live exclusively on travel for matches and training. But this is the life of a professional athlete.

During matches creates a different impression. You are very emotionally react to what is happening.

It’s my job. And work favorite. Just physically will not pull the resume career. I will not hold, but still without “physics” is now nowhere.

You have three sons. Would like to follow in your footsteps and become professional athletes?

They all do different sports, I try myself. I would like to become professionals? I’m not sure.

In the right direction, in your opinion, is moving the Russian tennis? What are the possible ways to promote your sport?

It’s hard to say. Some small steps, undoubtedly done. My son’s school, for example, there is a tennis section, it’s very cool. As you know, you should start small. Time will tell, right if the direction chosen by us.

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