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Sacha Baron Cohen spoke about cut from “Borat” pornographic scene

Саша Барон Коэн рассказал о вырезанной из "Бората" порнографической сцене

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen said that the film “Borat” took the stage with real porn actors, but it was not included in the final version, reports NME.

Taking part in the TV show “Conan” is an American TV host, Conan O’brien, the actor said that the idea for this scene came to him when he learned that the hotel where the team lived “Borat”, shoot straight porn. Then Cohen and his colleagues came up with such a plot device: Borat gets into a difficult financial situation and decides to earn pornoaction.

He gets the role of a hotel worker who enters the room, sees a couple having sex and joins in the process. During the filming of Borat forgets his role, and seeing that people have sex, apologizes and says he’ll come back later. When he finally conveyed the idea that he also needs to have sex, he asks everyone to leave the room, so as not to interfere, and wonders why it’s impossible. He was then confused by the lack of pubic hair in the female partner, and then the Director has to cut off a lock of hair from my head and glue them on the right places to Borat was finally able to complete the task.

In late February, Cohen said that during the filming of “Borat” he was watched by the FBI.

“Borat” — a Comedy of 2006, in which Cohen plays the role of a Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiev.

The last to date, the role of the priest in the film — in the Comedy “Brothers Grimsby”, Russian premiere of which took place on 3 March. On 17 February, the actor was supposed to arrive in Moscow to advertise the film, but abruptly canceled the visit.

Sacha Baron Cohen is famous for telesketch, which appeared in the images of provincial rap fan Ali g and fashion reporter, a gay Austrian Bruno. In 2000 the British TV kicked off his “Ali g Show”, which soon inspired the Cohen the film “Ali g in Parliament”. It was followed by such Comedy hits with the participation of Cohen as “Borat,” “Bruno” and “Dictator”, as well as roles in “the Keeper of time” Martin Scorsese and “Les Miserables” by Tom Hooper.

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