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Russian “President” against “the Stinger”: who will win?

Российский "Президент-С" против "Стингера": чья возьмет?

On the evening of 12 March to the North of the provincial center of ham (220 km from Damascus) was shot down by air force fighter of the Syrian Arab Republic MiG-21. According to the Syrian TV channel “Surya”, the plane was hit while landing. As reported by Sputnik, a fighter pilot managed to eject, but was killed by ground fire, the second survived. According to others, the catapult, the pilot landed safely in a village controlled by the army, and the second attempted to make an emergency landing at a military airfield in Hama. Landing was unsuccessful, and the pilot was killed.

According to Qatar TV channel “al Jazeera”, the MiG-21 was hit by antiaircraft means of the ground during an air RAID on the armed opposition controlled town of Kfar Nabouda North of the city of Hama, 220 kilometers from Damascus. The representative of the armed opposition accused the Syrian air force in violation of the ceasefire. Syrian sources, however, claim that the aircraft bombed the position of “An-Nusra” *.

On the news about the attack fighters to the MiG-21 draws attention to other information.

Two weeks ago the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubayr in an interview with German weekly “der Spiegel” said that his country intends to supply moderate Syrian opposition man-portable air defence systems “stinger” for combat aircraft.

While al-Jubayr drew a parallel: “the Rocket “earth-air” will change the balance of power as it happened in Afghanistan.” Saudi Minister clearly was referring to the delivery of “Stingers” to the Afghan Mujahideen. Then the Soviet aviation suffered serious losses from the attacks of American MANPADS.

We have now an antidote for these complexes? Is.

On Syria submitted to the VC helicopters Mi-24 with the latest, mass-produced since the middle of last year airborne defense (GER) “President-s”, developed Samara research Institute “Screen” that is part of the concern “Radioelectronic technologies”.

Stingers supplied to the Mujahideen by the Americans, indeed, were effective weapons used against Soviet aircraft during the Afghan war. Flares otstrelivaetsya aircraft upon detection of the attack by a missile “earth — air”, was not very effective protection. The trap is able to fool the missiles of previous generations, in which the seeker worked in the infrared spectrum. In the “stinger” was introduced another channel — ultraviolet.

It’s an American invention and our “Needle”, which in many countries is the pirate way, capable of hitting low-flying targets, including helicopters, as well as declining for drawing of bombing attack aircraft and bombers. The maximum height of defeats the purpose of the “Stinger” — at 3800 meters range from 200 to 4500 meters. The “Needles”, these characteristics are as follows: height — 3500 m, range — up to 6000 meters. However, there are still missiles and inertial flight after the fuel burns out. The velocity of the rocket is constantly decreasing, and the probability of hitting the target is much smaller.

Aircraft with the ADS of “President-s” invulnerable to modern MANPADS. Even if it’s a helicopter, hovering in the air in the vicinity of an arrow, then pointed at him the missile had passed. This complex is able to withstand not only the missiles with an infrared/ultraviolet, and radar.

The battle in the infrared range

Equipment more intelligent way of fighting than shooting heat flares against missiles with infrared guidance began to appear in the middle of 80-ies. On our helicopters began to establish a station for optical-electronic jamming “Linden”. They were housed in the upper part of the fuselage.

They are powerful xenon lamp operating in the infrared spectrum. The shell lamp is a lamp with a rotating reflector-breaker with a complicated configuration of the slits and the lens system. “Linden” creates heads for IR guided the huge stain of the wrong configuration with a constantly changing center. In connection with which the rocket is not able to accurately define the goal. The use of such stations in Afghanistan has reduced the number of losses of Mi-8 and Mi-24.

However, the Americans found a way to increase the sensitivity and selectivity of their IR receivers, shifting the operating frequency from 1-3 microns, making it equal to 3-5 μm. Allowing “capture” in flight hornblende, and radiation of the engine. In addition, we introduced the cooling GOS rocket liquid nitrogen, which has weakened its own thermal noise.

Ukraine currently produces the equivalent of “Linden” station “Adros”. A curious history of its creation and the further destiny. Drawings and a prototype infra-red lamps Ukrainians got from Bryansk convicted by the court of Directors of the company “Andron”. After some time, the counterintelligence of Ukraine has arrested the employee of the enterprise “Plant of 420 civil aviation”, which referred to “Adros” Czech attache.

Something like a “Lime” applied to protect the su-25T. Station was established interference “bulk carrier”, operating on the same principle. However, the bomber in the series did not go, was only released a pilot batch of twenty aircraft. That is not because of low qualities of attack and the collapse of the industry in the early 90-ies. However, “Cargo ship” had a significant drawback. The station was installed in the rear fuselage and defended only in the rear hemisphere, that were actually only in the collision with fighter aircraft. “Stinger” aircraft fired on all sides.

It seems that soon modified analogue of “bulk carrier”, in the end, will take place in attack aviation. The su-25ТМ (su-39) is currently being tested with a station on Board. Its capabilities, and the principle of action not reported, but it’s probably something akin to “the President”.

How it works

The complex consists of:

device-based management of the onboard computer;

— the station warning radar irradiation;

station warning of laser irradiation;

station warning of missile attack;

— incoherent station optical-electronic suppression;

laser station optical-electronic suppression;

— station production of active interference;

device thermal emission of false targets;

— ejection device cartridges with radio transmitters single use.

This is a complete set of blocks, which, depending on the type and purpose of the aircraft can be placed in the main and additional options. As you can see in the ADS is similar and “Lipe” incoherent station optical-electronic suppression. And fire back with heat traps. A particular novelty have fire back cartridges disposable radio.

But the newest feature ADS, which makes him truly invulnerable, the anti using the laser station optical-electronic jamming. It works as follows.

Station warning of missile attack captures the launch and transfers its angular coordinates in the computational unit. Then the calculator together with the optical-mechanical unit keeps track of the moving missiles and aim the laser. At the right moment the laser turns on and illuminates an infrared homing head missiles. The missile is “blind” and lose the ability to track a target.

The complex is able to repel a volley of two missiles. Range — from 500 to 5000 meters. Work sector in azimuth — 360 degrees; elevation is 90 degrees. In standby mode consumes 3 kW, in operation — 6 KW.

A similar algorithm uses station production of active interference with the anti-missile radar.

In addition to the above equipment can be supplied with active towed radar trap that assumes a missile attack. The length of the tow rope is 150 metres away.

“President-s” is a universal complex. As for the types of aircraft and attacking missiles. Missiles could be launched not only portable, but also fixed the SAM. Works complex and with missiles “air — air”.

As for aircraft types, then, according to the developers, there are no restrictions, since the complex is for installation inside the fuselage, placed in hanging containers. “President-s” began to produce until recently. First and foremost it is installed on vulnerable to attacks by MANPADS machines — helicopters. Equipped with complex air force one — liner of the President of Russia. In the future we should expect the introduction of the ADS and in front-line aviation, and in the transport, civil air fleet.

* The grouping “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 29 December 2014 was declared a terrorist organization, its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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