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“Russian citizens the government does not forgive any debts”

"Российским гражданам правительство никаких долгов не прощает"

Received “wonderful” news: the state Duma ratified the agreement, Russia and Uzbekistan regarding “the settlement of mutual financial claims”.

In fact — on actual write off 95% of the debt of Uzbekistan, which, as of 1 November 2014 amounted to $ 889 million. The agreement was signed over a year ago — in December 2014.

In January 2016 was written-off debt of Mongolia — 174 million dollars last year — Madagascar and the Sudan (89 $ 17 million). Earlier debts were forgiven Cuba (31.7 billion dollars), North Korea ($11 billion), Algeria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq (in the amount of about 21 billion dollars).

Just as it is easy to calculate, would be about $ 65 billion. At the current exchange rate is about 4.5 trillion rubles. The total price of government “kindness” — almost a third of the annual Russian budget.

The one where the chronic lack of money for surgery for sick children (money increasingly need to collect all the world), for scholarships and pensions, for medications and housing for capital repairs of houses and the contents of museums.


Russian citizens the government does not forgive any debts. But it forgives them to foreign dictators. Especially those who have joined with Russia in the U. N. votes. For example, does not support the resolution to support territorial integrity of Ukraine and non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea.

Only one “settlement of financial claims” with the regime of Islam Karimov (25 years continuously in power) cost to Russian citizens at 60 billion rubles. Half of this amount would be enough to not reduce in 2016 spending on doctors and teachers.

However, there is money on the war in Syria and orders the companies of the “friends of Putin”, the contents of the hordes of “enforcers” and subsidies to Chechnya in the amount of 85% of its budget.

But I promised — not a word about Kadyrov.

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