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Russia found a replacement Turkey and Ukraine

Russia is studying the issue of introduction of free trade regime with Iran.

Россия нашла замену Турции и Украине

The first edition of the report of such agreement submitted for consideration to the Iranian side. This was stated by Minister of energy and co-chair of the intergovernmental Russian-Iranian Commission on trade-economic cooperation Alexander Novak at the meeting with co-Chairman from the Iranian side and the Minister of information and communications technology of Iran Mahmoud Vaezi.

Thus Iran would replace Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

First, Russia intends to increase deliveries from Iran of food, and Russia has already worked out the issues on reduction of customs duties on imports of Iranian pistachios, dates, raisins, said Novak . Overall, Iran can supply Russia produce goods worth $ 1 billion a year. And to fully occupy the market of fruit and vegetable products from Turkey.

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Россия нашла замену Турции и Украине
Named the leader of growth of prices among the products

Russian retailers have already declared that is ready to increase its presence on the shelves of food products from Iran.

Russia is interested in exporting to Iran of animal products (beef, poultry), grains, sunflower oil, white sugar.

Novak urged the Iranian side to develop the corridor through the Caspian sea to the bilateral supply of agricultural products.

Among the promising areas of Russian exports to Iran, the Minister said that the products of such industries, as metallurgy and chemical industry.

The next meeting of the intergovernmental Commission will be held in Tehran in 2016.

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