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Rosturizm decided to fight with the lowest prices on the travel market

Ростуризм решил бороться с низкими ценами на рынке путешествий

The head of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) Oleg Safonov promised to fight attempts of dumping in the travel market. On Tuesday, June 7, the press service of the Ministry.

According to officials, the Federal tourism Agency together with the Federal aviation authorities, the Association of operators in the field of outbound tourism “Turpomosch” will be to fight the dumping. Safonov said that the main thing now — to prevent undue lowering of prices for tourism companies, as in 2014, when this policy led to the collapse of many industry participants.

On the basis of “Turpomoschi” earned “project Turboramjet”, whose experts assess the pricing policies of major market players. In the case of significant lowering of tariffs firms specialists will ask them for clarification of their actions. In addition, in case of revealing of facts of dumping, the material will be sent to the competent authorities for trial.

“Nobody wants a repeat of 2014, so we request all market participants in a timely manner to contact us, inform about promotions and special offers to immediately remove all questions”, — explained the Director of “Turpomoschi” Oleksandr Osaulenko.

According to Rostourism, in 2014, have stopped the activities of 27 tourist companies. At this point, the customers many of them were on vacation abroad without return tickets. At the expense of the tourist industry in the country was returned 59 thousand citizens. On the evacuation of Russians from abroad was spent 300 million rubles.

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