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Rosavtobank advises customers to wait for license revocation

Росавтобанк советует клиентам дожидаться отзыва лицензии

Rosavtobank closed all of its offices and has ceased all customer service, and the operators of the call center advise the clients to wait for the revocation of the license of the Bank.

Clients Rosavtobank on specialized portals was informed that I can not withdraw their deposits at least February 15. “Asked Rosavtobank 15.02.2016 with a request for funds from the contribution in full. The Bank accepted the order for the issuance 18.02.2016. But 18.02.2016 refused to issue the money offered to get them 24.02.2016. But today I money is not received is asked to sign up for the grant 04.03.2016,” said one client.

Find working office Rosavtobank the correspondent of RIA Novosti failed. The head office is closed, including the room with the individual Bank safes. Employee organization, located in the same building as the head office of the Bank, said that the doors of the credit institution closed to customers from 1 March.


“Now the Bank does not issue deposits and most likely will not issue. Now check the Central Bank implemented, which is likely to revoke. Card blocked in the ATM money not to shoot. All offices are closed”, — told RIA Novosti the operator of the call center.

On the question of what to do in this situation, the clients, the operator told “to wait for the revocation of the license” to pick up contributions to the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA).

RosEvroBank was established in 1994, the principal stakeholders are the 10 individuals. According to RIA Rating, the Bank held on January 1, 2016 219-e a place among Russian banks by total assets. According to statements of Rosavtobank, the population was kept in it 6.4 billion rubles.

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