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Role-playing Pugacheva and Galkina in the bathroom shocked the public

Ролевые игры Пугачевой и Галкина в ванной шокировали общественностьNude Diva and her husband as Jack Sparrow was forced to be confused the audience.

More recently, Maxim Galkin is working on his new show with the modest name “Maximmaxim”. The first issue could already see everyone, which starred Alla Pugacheva, her children and husband of course and also invited to their estate, the family of Dmitry Dibrova. Just an hour ago on the official page of the fan club Pugacheva appeared the announcement of a new edition of “Maximmaxim”, which made everyone blush.

In the video, the 67-year-old Alla Pugacheva is lying naked in the bath with foam, and it comes to Maxim, as Jack Sparrow from “pirates of the Caribbean”. The diva tried to depict indignation and said, “what are You, a pirate? The sea is confused?”. The public disliked the new video Diva and her husband, some admired their talent and candor, while others took the “role playing” an elderly lady and her young wife for vulgarity.

As if there was not, but this video did not leave indifferent anyone who watched it. Many fans of Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin confessed that now with impatience will wait for the new release of the software “Maximmaxim”.

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