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Robotic smartphone Sharp RoboHon found the cost

Sharp has provided new information about the most unusual smartphone in the world in the name RoboHon. In fact, this is a real robot, but still upright, and the list of his abilities include recognition of voices and even individuals. the First smartphone was introduced in October 2015, and now there is evidence of his price.

Robot cell phone RoboHon is Sharp, as it should be everything new and unusual, expensive — 1800$, and it can be to buy only in Japan, but if you pre-order before may 26 (the first day of sales), Sharp can make concessions and to send a gadget post. RoboHon is, actually, a very clever piece of iron, because it has the beginnings of artificial intelligence, while learning, that is, we have “Skynet” in miniature. Its functionality includes meaningful communication with the people around him and receiving calls, email, Internet searches, reading reports, and so on.

On Sharp RoboHon running Google Android 5.0, and in the presence of a built-in camera of 8 MP, so sooner or later their most intimate videos filmed without the permission of the observer, the participants will be able to find on the Net. Also Sharp RoboHon has a built-in HD projector and modules Wi-Fi and LTE to access the Internet, and its main fillings are the screen is 2 inches with QVGA on the back, 16 GB ROM, 2 GB RAM and 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz from Qualcomm.

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