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River creeks and backwaters

There are many types of water bodies. Fishing success on many of them is determined by the seasonal characteristics, weather, type of fish you intend to catch. It seems that no one is going to look Chub or chubs in the pond, and into the fast flowing river in winter expect a good biting of a crucian. And bream mostly in winter and summer to be found in a deep and large reservoir or lake.

Of course, the particular conversation should be about the river basins and large bays, where fold than the river habitat of different fish. Such reservoirs have both artificial and natural origin and are permanently connected to the river by a channel, through which not only water, but also the migration of fish from the river and back. This process of moving the fish biting on a fishing tackle here is not easy: in the backwaters and bays are home to many “local” fish, but in winter she is often very passive and rarely happy with a good bite. However, fishing here changes radically when there is massive call fish from the river.

In winter, the first mass entry of fish from the river in the backwaters and bays observed during freeze-up when the flow is noisy, with a clatter and a Bang, bear ice sludge, but on the Creek or Bay is already thin ice cover, which closes the underwater world from external influences. Then the fish goes under the ice to wait out the tumultuous events on the river, and it enters these waters either along the coast or in the water, almost not being attached to the bottom surface, which is almost always characteristic of “local” fish.

Going to the Creek or the Bay, “migrants” rarely occupy a stationary position in the reservoir, and repeatedly make it something like a circular motion. In going in the water the fish flock distributed over a large area, can be mixed and white fish, and different predators that are distributed at a depth slightly below its potential of feed or move like wolves on the periphery of the fish aggregations. For this reason, fishing in the backwater and the Bay is running a character when you have all the time to move the fish once a day of fishing with the horizon, which moves the flock, although the next day he will probably be slightly different.

In short periods of mass accumulation of red salmon from the river activates the “aliens” and the whole “local”. Therefore at this time possible, and stationary fishing, even with complementary feeding. Due to this possibility the fact that the level at which different fish are caught in the water column in the vast backwater or Bay, at the depth to which she pecks and under the shore or on seamounts, but from the bottom, where it is possible to concentrate the bait. However, this is typically “local” fish, not dissimilar to those wonderful dimensions and strength, that peculiar inhabitants of the deep flows the great river. Therefore, coastal bottom fishing in the backwaters and bays has some adherents, and there is very bugged their annoying bites of small rockfish and perch, which never meet in Pology.

At the beginning of a productive ice fishing in river basins and large bays, where there is virtually no current or it is very weak, did not last long — usually a week or two depending on the weather. If it will continue a series of thaws, followed by a profit of water in the river, these waters are able to fish and in a month’s time. But with the advent of hard frosts, the ice thickness rapidly increases, and the water level in the river is significantly lowered, then the alien fish in the basin will rapidly take over, and here at once comes gluhozime, because “local” fish in the Creek or the Bay is either very small, or very badly caught in the winter.

But the return of a favourable situation will have to wait long — usually until the first spring movements on the river, when melting snow will increase obviously over and will lift level. Then everything will repeat almost scripted the pores of the formation of ice, except for the fact that the fish will be harder to find because of a very thick and viscous at the end of the winter season ice. In addition, spring water is in the reservoirs associated with the river, can quickly become too muddy and that will cease every bite. Also, sometimes, the water in the river during the day, rises a few meters, and then on the ice just don’t go because it departs far from the coast.

In terms of technique and tactics of fishing on the backwaters and bays on the first ice and in the spring, they are almost identical and are often collectively and somewhat speculative character, because the only way to monitor the progress of the flight across the waters. However, not all fishermen like the vanity in the pursuit of elusive fish when you have run ahead of the “pack” of other anglers, so you get more time on moving the jamb. So they such as fishing are not engaged, preferring her quiet seat on lured holes at one of the reservoirs. Others, with unquenchable passion in the soul, in moments of good catches of large fish in the backwaters get prepared for this tackle, which they have mastered, otherwise nothing will is very casual even at high activity of fish there is almost nothing catches.

Basic tackle for fishing in Pology experienced fishermen is almost exclusively a combination of two or even three properly selected according to the size and shape of the “hell” that are posted on a scaffold up to half a metre or more away from each other, allowing simultaneous significant fish in the water column. Such equipment, of course, creates a lot of inconvenience in the transitions from place to place or when playing another trophy, when one of the hooks of lures can firmly be stuck to the lower ice edge and lead to breakage or hurtful to the loss of fish.

However, to get rid of these nuisances allows a movable unit “hell” on the line, as does the author of this article: lower the bait is bound motionless the latest, when the line first in the queue will be wearing one or two “devil”, each of which move the pair of the small retaining rubber bands, sold in fishing shops. Depending on the thickness of the fishing line, the force from friction of these stoppers may be larger or smaller, but it’s nearly always enough good hooks to punch through the lip any white fish and even bony mouth of a predator. After that, when stricken fish along with the bait slides to the bottom “of the devil” and all this Assembly safely removed from the hole, almost never catching the ice. In addition, the installation allows not only easy to wind up with a tackle, collecting bait together, but also to constantly adjust the alignment of the “hell” depending on the behavior of fish.

The most effective game that many skilled anglers used a combination of lures when fishing in the water column in the backwaters and bays, and not only on them, is as follows. Having defined the sounder or receiving information from other anglers about the depth of the fish, they lowered the tackle on this level or a little lower, and then very slowly and evenly, almost without hesitation, start to pull the bait upward as far as the hand, while carefully watching the signal with the tip of a nod. On any wince should respond immediately by cutting. If after two or three bites of such transactions will not, then you should perform one or two transaction-intensive “bumpy”, and then again to go to the “potico”. If the fish itself does not show, probably it is already there under the hole, and the angler need to change the place, focusing on the situation at the neighbors.

Perhaps taking a successful impact on the bite of large fish will not only feed method and the lures, but hooks and equipping the “hell”. Now, many years of practice has shown that when fishing in Pology decent sized fish bite much more readily and more specifically, when the hook baits no frills in the form of beads, cambric, and so forth. Probably, in the water it looks completely natural and not only degrades the attractiveness of the artificial “insects”.

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