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Rich country, poor people

The citizens are asked DiCaprio to save the city from environmental catastrophe

Residents of Krasnoyarsk has published on the platform Change.org an e-petition asking to save the city from environmental catastrophe. They addressed her actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince albert II of Monaco and UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon.

Богатая страна, несчастные люди



Богатая страна, несчастные люди
Source:RIA “Novosti”

According to the authors of the appeal, the environmental situation in Krasnoyarsk concern of citizens for many years. According to the data given in the petition, only from the beginning of 2016 mode of adverse weather conditions acted on the territory of the city for almost a month, whereas six years ago the figure was only 16.5 days a year.

Over the past few years Krasnoyarsk is consistently in the top of anti-Russian cities with the most polluted air.

The petition of residents of Krasnoyarsk

It is noted that this situation affects the health of the residents of the city that the excess concentration of harmful substances lead to diseases of the blood and liver, increase child mortality and occurrence of cancer. According to the authors of the petition, the main sources of air pollution in Krasnoyarsk are large industrial facilities (CHP).

At the time of writing the news the appeal was supported by 267 people.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who received in 2016 the award “Oscar”, is an active fighter for the environment, acting worldwide speeches about climate change. The call to pay attention to the environmental situation in the world sounded in his Oscar speech on February 28. “Climate change is real, it’s happening right now. We must work together,” he said.

The actor also recalled the difficult climatic situation in Yakutia, when received as a gift from the people of the Republic a silver statuette made by analogy with the “Oscar”.

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