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Reflections on the fish, the fat and basmatic

Although this winter’s thaw, with rain, are not uncommon, the fish will not cheat, naughty and clever with cool. Apparently, he feels all these sharp pressure peaks and transitions with frost on the wind and the rain. It is us, the anglers, so cozy and comfortable warm in winter to almost spring sunshine, no wind and snow. And so, when not biting, growling: “What more do you want this fish?” And coming from fishing, tired and angry, look on his website for the weather and understand: 730 mm Hg. after yesterday’s article 760 for fish, perhaps, as we toothache with flux on the floor face…

On the reservoir, dug out near the river a Small Kokshaga, fish lacking any. At least the giant carp-carp can be observed here. Jump out of the water, like underwater evil pigs, fat and rosemarrie. Perches chopper chasing the naughty boys. Large: rarely, but take on a snag. I suspect that catfish are found. Well, somata, which boasted the fishermen at the local site, they say, were caught fish further downstream. And photos are presented. If there is Sonata, you probably have their moms and dads… it is Clear that the fishermen and arms are long, when the amount of booty you’re trying to show, and fancy enough, but, once in the fall, determined to find at our river place for night fishing burbot were already almost at night along the river. And suddenly… Bang!.. Like a bag of sand threw into the water.

Already in the morning when I checked zakidushki on burbot, passed by this place and realized that the maelstrom is clearly not small, deep black, and the water goes in a circle. The river, of course, small, but well good. Maybe som really is.

In General, this is a tale, and the tale is found. The reservoir is man-made connected with the river by two canals. Well here I was catching bream on the feeder. Pecked and roach, often weighty. Caught bleak, roach, pike grabbed the bait even when the thing sat on the hook and served as a bait.

But the ice reservoir was frozen. Pike have been caught here for winter imitation fish. However, and put zhivcova tackle here three times. But even lifting the box is not seen. On the other side, at the mouth of the duct with Kokshaga, there were also imitation fish, and angler-shchukar run to them. But he took out the fish – I didn’t notice.

Also with bream. Never fell, black, on ice. However, a special hunt for him and was not. Misled first failed attempt on his fishing standard jigs with bloodworms and bait, as taught… And then only for catching bait fish and I came here, rewind about three kilometers from the dam through the Small Kokshaga and going over the railway bridge. Roach-Bursch pecked almost always flawlessly. And you had an hour to fill the Caen first-class bait. And then to decide on the Volga river to go or to put imitation fish on the city reservoir, which is sometimes on the pike could give odds to the Volga expanses, the fading because of the plight of all the reservoirs of the Volga cascade. If the water stopped, backed hydro, and the underwater life stops or adapt to new conditions. This is evidenced by the fact that in the coastal shallow zone of the left Bank in full carp catches, not elongated, silver hybrid, which is still in the lower reaches of the Volga are called “Buffalo”, and quite wide skovorodky carp. However, not pond copper nickle, and is also a crossbreed. But the proportions – length, width…

Well, now, and this morning I was sitting in the hole, prokormil her his homemade bait. Not “Senses”, of course, that offer prominent experts, but it is working. At least cheap, how rough the real truth about… ten Times, probably cheaper than purchase a mixture. This is just something fine-ground barley with ground oat flakes and breadcrumbs, ground rice. To give the bait suspended, the cloud of food dregs, added milk powder and semolina. Nuggets of monkey have a feature to move, obviously, when swelling in contact with water. Well, where do without the sunflower seeds, slightly roasted and crushed. All loose bait, and semolina or flour binds components… Ugh… don’t we want to switch to the language of the encyclopedia. From a store set dripped syrup, “Fish in the hemp”. Convinced Salapin. Although, of course, now the word “hemp” almost sounds criminal. However, before the adjective “blue” nobody would put a double meaning. Now and the sky is blue afraid to call. Suddenly not so understand…

And by ten o’clock so I in Cana lapped the roaches in sufficient quantity so that you can go home, and there to connect the compressor to Kanu, adding fresh air to the bait fish.

Day started quiet and silent, with a pink blush on the cheeks. Hard to believe that this fishing takes place somewhere in the middle of this silent and absorbed forest, where there are no empty cries and senseless matershinu on ice, but “civilization” is still reminded of poltoracki bottles hanging on the boughs of trees. And the sounds of the city were audible, if the wind turned to the North-West.

All, time to go home. And Bursch stopped taking. Yeah and the bait enough.

Sipping tea from a thermos and eating a sandwich with bacon salting its… Um… it’s tempting to shy away from the topic and tell from the recipe of fat, which has been developed and used personally by the author over many years. Think, dear editors won’t accept it for advertising. In short, guys, do fat hot salting just before fishing. Will be ready in the morning. Cut slices bring to a boil, steep in brine with Bay leaf, for about five minutes then on low heat, remove from the brine, make incisions in which to insert the cloves of garlic, sprinkle salt… fish, of course, would be better coarse salt to use, remember, coarsely crystalline, yellow, but here goes and small “Extra”. And be sure to generously pepper, better fragrant and strong black pepper. Ground red Chile will give the fury of the fat, but not aromatic sensuality, and patient zaboristoe good black pepper. But there are difficulties in the selection of the pepper among the dummies, which, no matter how much Luggage packs even in the soup, though gloves fat, nothing will, like the ashes of cigarettes to preporuciti product… Lose the hucksters last the conscience, as policy. Can and pharmacists there to see pharmacists can be, and manufacturers, but rather dealers.

So, fat… Okay, fellow anglers, this essay so, apparently, and will be held in the digressions, because I don’t like the dryness and wholeweat reports and recommendations. I’m sure many cooked and the fat in such a rapid way, but somebody and not know him, especially beginning anglers. Once the fat is larded with garlic, salted and topped with a layer of black pepper, it must stand in a freezer at least overnight.

Importantly, in the morning, going fishing, don’t step on the cat sleeping on the stairs, not to forget the bait, bloodworms, and, of course, fat… There are still ingredients full fishing, but the angler will never forget… And to clarify doesn’t make sense.

There is no food more suitable for winter fishing than fat. This is the minimum weight and high calories. Do not freeze the product and gives strength. Mug of tea with lemon from a thermos and a sandwich with bacon – mover for half a day.

But back to the events on the ice of our local reservoir. So, there are liars, drank tea, the sandwich was consumed, Bursch pecking stopped.
Well, what’s twisting anything? – was heard behind.
– Fingered fuck at lunch, apparently, is look around and meet the fisherman approached, dressed very simple, not fishing.
– Yes, you can’t take it, he agrees.
Soroki? – interested in.
No, skimmers – match angler.

So… the bait fish – bait fish, but did not know that there on the ice and bream can be caught. Already this probability itself has faded into the background with the first experiments in catching bream. Supposedly only for catching live bait and good water reservoir. However, if you consistently and persistently to find out the pond, noticing his features and coming to the water regularly, then its secrets will open sooner or later. It’s not swoop to come at once and expect success. Haste galichnik to which refer, and myself, connected with the capture of large fish, which in winter can be pike. And the problem with the bait fish is often the main. No wonder fishing is “white” fish would gloat, they say, like a dog chain sit zherlits… Neither there nor here. You can not argue. But there is another aspect. For a hundred-odd, and even two hundred miles to go to catch perch pounds, and the cat won’t eat… So, too.

– What are the skimmers, maybe will show? – interested in.
It is noticeable that proudly throws on snow fisherman its prey. Yes, on the Volga river were also larger. But here…
– And the jig, the attachment, if not a secret?
– Yes, look, do not mind.

Bezmetallny, “chains” with chain. So she I got, and in various forms of coloring. But the hook besttelki fisherman there and a tiny piece of bloodworm. Not quite, it means that bizmathica…

Next time come here not for the bait and try their luck at catching bream may not, but at least the bream. Besttelki “shackles” have not worked, almost. Caught a couple bream. But there were also empty biting. Acquired, in preparation for bezmetallny fishing, and other jigs. Gave the result only karovska goat, “cat’s eye”, but also only with grafting bloodworms head. Fish in urban waters has become capricious, apparently, because it is simply overfed. And with the “sir”. Stopped to take a naked spoon. Only – with grafting sprat.

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