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Putin, who changed the world

Путин, который изменил мир

Actually, frankly, to quarrel with the West was a brilliant move, Vladimir Putin.

Of course, independence always causes irritation to the petty tyrant. And to stop the arrogant ham can only be a show of force. It is also true that external threat unites those on whom it is directed. That is to say, the principles of psychology any level. However, in this case the independent policy of Russia, to tell the truth, nothing to do with it.

There is no doubt that Putin would be enough diplomacy for a more lenient way of defending its interests. Extremely tough choice for building relationships with colleagues, it took him quite for other purposes, which become clear only now.

Any brilliant solution is revealed through an equally brilliant implementation.

The time was chosen with a Stalker accuracy. Russia was able to regain the status of superpower in the period of global turbulence. Show the planet the exit of disaster, seize the initiative in setting the American star, it was only at the peak of the global crisis. Contrary to the proverb saying, during times of calm humanity as something not likely to change horses. Driven – Yes driven. Doubts about the capacity of the ruling sleds occur in a storm, especially when the wheels begin to slip.

The trouble is that America this time is not understood. Just think, if the US offered some more or less acceptable for most of the way out of the crisis, their situation likely would have remained inviolable. But instead, they delivered an ultimatum to three quarters of the Earth, in fact, offering them a choice between physical or spiritual destruction. And after that still continue to be surprised that potential victims don’t agree with them.

Genius does not think of cause and effect relationships. It is the intention of the events, including political. It is naive to think that the US created economic crisis to finish off the cocky Putin in retaliation for Syria and Crimea. Quite the contrary. This crisis happened because the arrogant America came, as he said Danila Bagrov, kirdyk.

The simple solutions is another sign of genius. It, however, is such a workload that I can’t even imagine.

First, it was necessary to clearly and without a shadow of doubt to realize that the USA can no longer claim the role of first among all. Actually, this is needed to see as seers see. These, of course, and not fake. Because no prerequisites for this conclusion just a few years ago as it was not.

Awareness of this kind occurs only on the basis of a variety of evidence of the impending collapse of the dollar financial system and the crisis of power in the United States. Judging stereotypical, this is just a periodic downturn and pre-election hype. Not every politician possesses such a nontrivial thinking, to understand that before us – the end of an era.

Secondly, with the current situation the road to prosperity of any state, only one – through the robbery, violence and suppression of others. But for Russia, because historically it mentality, this way is unacceptable. Therefore, for the further successful development it will have to change external conditions.

A frontal confrontation with transcontinental hegemon – it is extremely violent, and given nuclear potential is deadly. It wasn’t even the USSR. Russia, deprived of the republics, barely recovering after the adjustment, the more you will not pull open confrontation with the United States, coupled with EU, NATO and other caliphs for an hour, like Saudi Arabia. In addition, one of the axioms of success says: go for it, as always, and you’ll get the same result. This means that for new conditions will require other methods.

Thirdly, the basis for a new paradigm of interaction between Russia and the West have become well known both sides of the paradox: Russia can win, only if being friends with her. Being with her in a confrontation, it is impossible – we will always be ready.

Stalin was not a friend of the United States and Britain. When we defeated fascism and lifted the country from ruins for one year. But with them was a friend of Gorbachev, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and Yeltsin, in which almost ceased to exist Russia. Napoleon came to us when the ruling class EN masse spoke French, forgetting their native language. Historical analogies can be continued in breadth and depth, but you get the gist.

We can destroy only those who we believe. No wonder in Christianity, the betrayal, not murder or theft, is considered a grave sin. From the traitor no protection. It is in this case not be assumed.

When we considered America good, she was the ideal of our life. She got to our brains, to the Treasury, in the government coffers. In the 90s the rage was to be able to smear the good name of the shop in English. This was also their talents step is to represent the colonizer is not an invader, and the perfection to which we should strive with heart and soul.

From this sad experience, it follows that the time for our friendship with the Rothschilds (or Rockefellers who prefer) hasn’t arrived. Equal relations between States in General. At least at the present stage of human development. No equality with America. However, to implement the new concept of the world you first have to free the space from old. What to do?

Another indication that you are a genius, its maximum efficiency with minimal impact. Fights without rules fatal – it not our method. So, to achieve the desired result quite nicely, tasty, and most importantly – publicly whip a petty tyrant, excuse me, in the face. Strictly at the right time.

In Putin’s strategy of changing relations with the West all the levels are on the rise. The transition from one stage to another is accomplished in strict accordance with the transformation of the global financial and geopolitical panorama.

The first stage. Putin’s Munich speech in 2007 In a historical context, it was essentially the most natural provocation, or probing the opponent.

The second stage. Colleagues were predictably atreasonable the color revolutions in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. Our answer to Obama was the secession of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and the formation of the EEU. In other words, Russia showed the world that American influence is not unlimited, it is possible and necessary to put a barrier.

Maybe someone forgot or didn’t notice, but the action is played out against the backdrop of another economic crisis. Looks like reconnaissance in force: how will the opponent risk and change their behavior. Alas. The enemy, apparently, too relied on the inviolability of his power. And the underestimation of a competitor can result in death.

The third stage. Successful open opposition to the U.S. – cancellation of bombing Syria in 2013. From our side it was a demonstration of: a) international support to Russian course b) ability to affect space, not only near, but also far abroad.

The fourth stage. The hegemon did not understand and gave Maidan. For the purpose, as we understand now, hands Independence to deprive the Russian Federation black sea fleet and to expel Russia from the Black sea. Variants Putin was left with only two, and both are very bad: to be at war with Ukraine or to give up the Black sea under NATO bases. Vladimir Vladimirovich, as always, chose the third option and annexed the Crimea to Russia. It was so important that after it way back in the 2000s Russia was cut off.

The worsening once again had at the beginning of the recession in the global economy. But Russia in this time acted like something was wrong. Instead of silently sitting in the corner on a stool, without quarreling with neighbors, waiting out the storm and eating accumulated in the fat years, the stocks, she quite deliberately brought the matter to serious sanctions and began an accelerated pace to reduce economic dependence on Europe.

The fifth stage. Then only put the squeeze on Syria and to squeeze out the USA from the Middle East. I must say, this was extremely self-willed: when he wanted to – of troops, when deemed necessary is taken out. Perhaps the Islamists who return home after the Syrian fighting, it was possible to quietly throttle at the border, without any VC. But… Strong is someone who does what he wants, and knows what he is for nothing.

You can imagine what a greater shock was immersed CIA analysts, NSA, Pentagon, etc. What idiot put in the Western mind the idea that Putin, they say, tactician and not a strategist? The impression that the Darkest thought of everything else in 2001 or, in extreme cases, in 2002-m…

Petty tyrant was capable of only feeble attempts at resistance, the type of NATO enlargement (you think they were really going to shoot those missiles!) or destruction of our aircraft by other hands. Even to shake up Erdogan before the war and it did not work.

Sophisticated tyranny, far from being a genius. Any act of genius is born, not in order to prove to the world his innocence, and in order to change the world, making it a little closer to the Truth.

But the Truth is that in today’s Russia, of course, can exist with some effort. But to thrive in it, to realize their truly unlimited potential she is unable. For America to economic prosperity the need for war. And Russia to flourish we need peace. This is one of the fundamental differences between us. Why it happened – a subject for separate research. But we can’t cash in on someone else’s misfortune. We don’t even live in peace when you have trouble. And it’s not that it can reach us. We just cannot think of myself without thinking about others.

Therefore, a new scheme of Russian-American relations, Putin launched should change the world so that hard options to confront steel is not needed. To do this, at the time of the weakening of the previous government shows the world another force. After the devil’s lie and policing transcontinental oligarchs, it would seem more attractive to mankind.

What’s next? Scared monster, seeking to retain at least part of the power of the elusive, yet not so stupid, to stupid to look for trouble, that is a nuclear warhead. Because GDP is unambiguously clear that in the event of a direct threat will not falter. The tyrant will seek reconciliation. It will take place on the terms of Putin. The visit of Kissinger in Moscow – a sure sign of the acceptance of the compromise. And anyway, judging by the election campaign trump, the period of anti-Russian presidents in the USA ended.

With regard to domestic policy, the government (read – Putin; it is simply not dare directly to call it) with a persistence worthy of a better cause, been accused of not taking drastic measures to restructure the economy. However, such a reorganization, no matter how good intentions it is not guided, is always associated with the inevitable shocks and losses for the population. There is no way that all changed for good for all. Someone better like this. And not necessarily because it is bad. Just his personal circumstances were such that in these conditions it afloat. But if these conditions change, it can drown.

And when the sinking will be added to those already drown due to changes in the external environment, it could easily be overkill. What our opponents over the hill and only get. Especially before our election, to which they said Mr Putin, is also prepared. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what motives triggered criticism of the financial sector. Somehow it seems that, whether Nabiullina, Ulyukaev and Siluanov agents of the West and puppets of Zionism, they just did would be radical reforms, and not the stabilization of the economy.

By the way, us it is in vain afraid of the unknown, which supposedly will be a Russia after Putin. All cheat fears of radical and liberal pseudo-patriots around the transfer / change of power, the presence / absence of a successor, etc. eventually boil over into a routine. Russian genius lies in the fact that it is infinitely diverse. Now Russia needs a genius, is able to reverse the course of global policies: from mutual destruction to co-existence. Such a genius we have. Is Vladimir Putin.

True genius never adjusts to ambient. It has enough power to change the world around them. The challenge for policy genius, creating the future of their country, even if it seems to be so far distant, – to change the situation so that he no longer needed. And then Russia will be in demand genius different quality. The one who takes the world from fragmentation to unity.

But it will be already another story altogether.

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