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Putin showed that the West is a “paper tiger”


Путин показал, что Запад — «бумажный тигр»the <small>© RIA Novosti, Sergei Guneyev</small>




Taki (Taki)

The seventeenth of November, 1813, Marshal Ney, bravest of the brave, was the last to leave Smolensk amid heart-rending scenes of battles. Hospital wards, corridors and stairs were filled with dead and dying. Napoleon went into Russia with an army of 500 thousand people, and now, when he left this country he had less than 40 thousand soldiers. Under the command of Ney was the case, consisting of only 6 thousand people, but he never wanted to get captured by the Russians. The commander of the guards corps of the Russian General Miloradovich before that wasn’t able to capture any Prince eugène de Beauharnais (Prince Eugene), stepson of Napoleon, nor of the great commander Davout (Davout), so he tried to capture the 43-year-old son Cooper from Lorraine.

It did what you knew how to do best — went on the attack. His first frontal attack at the last moment was reflected, when the French were fired upon with buckshot. Ney, who commanded the detachment, re-focused his troops and again attacked. “All ranks fell, they were replaced by the following — and also died at the same place,” wrote a Russian officer. When General miloradovitch saw the Frenchmen come, he cried out: “Bravo, Bravo, gentlemen the French are, you attacked with remarkable vigour, the whole body — a handful of soldiers. Braver does not happen!” Then he ordered his gunners to open fire on them and destroy what they did.

As in the battle of Waterloo two years later, where It lost one after the other four horses killed, when he was in the saddle, the Marshal managed to survive in the battle of Smolensk, and then to avoid the trap into which he had to get moving across the Dnieper. The Russians were — how shall I say — magnificent in its brutality, slowly destroying the French, watching them die from a terrible cold, taking off their coats, coats and boots, and imposing a fat man Kutuzov was left of the invaders at the mercy of mother nature. Those initially were surprised by the resilience and tenacity of Russian defenders and their almost religious sublime morale (French inspired “king of Rome” and Russian — the miraculous Smolensk icon of the Mother of God). The Cossacks, whose brutality was eradicated in awe the bravest of the enemy, if he was captured alive, had harassed the retreating French. The Cossacks were not engaged in combat, and was just throwing them a “small but potent injections” — putting the enemy a kind of slow torture, which the French do not have experienced neither before, nor after. Kutuzov’s tactics are not to engage the enemy was enraged by the Emperor Alexander, but the old soldier knew what he was doing. He was afraid of a cornered Napoleon, because he knew that the Corsican was a better General than he, and the desperate are capable of anything.

Путин показал, что Запад — «бумажный тигр»
I just reread a great book by Adam Zamoyski (Zamoyski Adam) “1812”, which was first read as soon as it was published ten years ago. It can be read as much as you want — I don’t get bored. Bravery, courage, glory and suffering — much much more. The Germans and the poles, the French and the Russians, the Italians — all surrounded themselves with glory. But the only shameful event, I think, happened a year later during the Congress of Vienna (so in the text — approx. transl.), when Princess Catherine Bagration became the mistress of Metternich (Metternich). Bagration died from blood loss during the battle of Borodino, because I didn’t want to leave the position in front of their soldiers. His widow followed to honor his memory and not to mess with a handsome Austrian. But such are the whims of beautiful women.

Note that Napoleon since no special victories and did not commit. Mother Russia defeated him — the same as 130 years later won a victory over Hitler. And that brings me to thoughts about our times. Unlike the clowns from the EU and the duds-Americans, uncle Vlad did what Kutuzov — came to Syria, went to all the risks to get caught up in the war and losing only one aircraft (which was hit by a country-member of NATO supposedly fighting on his side), came out of this quagmire with maximum results.

And when this fool is the Minister for foreign Affairs Philip Hammond (I’ve never seen a man more like a nerdy accountant) warns us, lest we rejoiced and praised Putin as it is to praise the husband who stopped beating his wife. What can I say, I personally don’t hit women at all — and my wife in particular, so I don’t know. But I know that Putin is a real man and an authoritarian who wins the war, impulsive and courageous leader who has shown that the West is a paper tiger. Let’s face the truth. When was the last time a world leader had acted really bravely and boldly? While Putin didn’t say mission accomplished, did not make statements, which in the case of Iraq and Libya proved fatal. This is the person with whom the clowns in Brussels tried to bluff, flirting with Ukraine and seducing her magnificent promises. So he returned the Crimea as a bonus. The fact that he supported Assad, has once again shown that when things take a sharp turn, uncle Sam — not a very reliable ally.

No matter how much the Americans and the Europeans tried to show that the efforts of Russia in vain is way better look at yourself. And after retiring from the field of battle, Vlad warned Assad that he sat at the negotiating table — it would be worse. Just compare Putin’s policy in Syria with the position of uncle Sam in regard to Yemen. In Yemen, the humanitarian catastrophe is happening — no less than in Syria. Military aircraft Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE bombed unarmed people and blowing up hospitals, trying in vain to suppress the power of the Houthis — an armed Shia rebel group which has made significant strides and seized power. The pilots of the air force of Saudi Arabia, who fight there with the support of the us radar guidance systems, are so afraid of anti-aircraft artillery fire that fly too high and not able to hit legitimate military targets. Saudi Arabia continues to buy expensive weapons, but unable to raise soldiers, such as those that fought in 1812. Perhaps they should read Zamoyski and forget about high technology.

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