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Putin is trying to crack the UN grinder

Путин пытается взломать ООН болгаркой

Pak Ki-moon. The current UN Secretary-General leaves his post at the end of the current year in connection with the expiration of the term of office. Already the first of January in his chair will sit completely different people, which on Wednesday began, as Tuesday had continued to engage members of the United Nations. It is stated officially that steer inhabited ecumene expressed a desire nine people, five of whom are ex – Yugoslavs and four women. Not that it was prohibited or improper, just like this, here, is the fact striking.

Not only Yugoslav and not a woman among the applicants for the position of unofficial “President of peace” – the former Prime Minister of Portugal antónio Guterres, now working UN high Commissioner for refugees. That’s all we need to know about it. In addition to his office of General Secretary claimed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Montenegro Igor lukšić, also a retired head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Srdjan Kerim, from Macedonia, Natalia Gherman of Moldova, Vuk jeremić of Serbia and Vesna pusić of Croatia. Competition they try to make the Director-General of UNESCO, Bulgarian Irina Bokova, former President of Slovenia Danilo Turk and former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark.

For the first time in the history of elections held under the new rules. Previously, the five permanent members of the Security Council has just presented the candidacy of the desired the Secretary-General to the General Assembly, which bluntly argued this compromise. However, after Russia has regained in the aforementioned five own voice, the rules decided to change. Now the candidates have to pass an interview. Each of them is given two hours to ten-minute presentation of their program and answers to others questions. Then 15 members of the security Council secretly voted for their favourite speaker and the winner is sent for approval by the General Assembly. Of course, every member of the “big five” retains the right to veto some disliked. So the eggs turn out the same, only in profile. Have to agree.

While the process is outwardly respectable. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin has already admitted to journalists that all candidates are “very impressive” and that they “respected, qualified people”. However, there is no doubt that large-scale preparatory work before the appointment of the head of the UN was held by all stakeholders. Or rather, two opposing lobby Russian and American. And in whatever overtures were not happy with each other diplomats, information about favorites on the other hand still drips. In General, no one can hide the fact that our arch partners has proposed for the first time in history to appoint to the post of UN Secretary-General’s woman. Their wise colleagues from Russia did not object to that, but reminded that never in the history of the organization chaired by a representative of Eastern Europe and this injustice it would be good to fix.

And on the eve of the procedure of the interview leaked into the press and the names of those “big boys” decided to bet. British The Daily Mail gave a powerful volley of information on the Bulgarian Side. As told the globe reporters, Mrs. “the leader of UNESCO” is a former Communist and, with the support of the omnipresent Putin, even before the commencement of the interview, in fact, became the favorite of the race. As evidence is the fact of education Irina Bokova at MGIMO, which is referred to as a source of manpower of the KGB. It is mentioned that she is a fluent Russian speaker. That is, there is the injection of a standard set of horror stories in the brain of the members of the competition Commission with the view out of one of the real candidates.

Objectively speaking, Russophilia Irina Bokova cause a disinterested observer of some doubt. The daughter of a prominent figure of the Bulgarian Communist party had indeed received higher education in Moscow. But after the fall of the Soviet Union so successfully passed two-year training program of NATO for Central and Eastern Europe. A year ago, “Putin’s Bulgarian” was awarded the title of honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, a couple of months ago, UNESCO Director-General refused to recognize Russian located in Sebastopol Museum-reserve “Chersonese” and, accordingly, has blocked all related international programmes. That is to say a “friendship” of the Bulgarian candidates with Russian President it would be too bold. But their deal to guess nobody forbids.

That’s just very strange looks mockingly restrained reaction of the official Russian diplomatic demarche to the British newspaper. Instead professionally to spit venom in the direction of again negativley Englishwoman, the same Vitaly Churkin casually throws journalists the idea that Russia, of course, would like to see at the head of the UN representative in Eastern Europe, but will not use his veto if the majority votes in the security Council will score the representative of another continent. And it said it was already after the media learned about the support of “partners” for the candidacy of novozelandki Clark. Now you have to understand what Moscow is ready to exchange Bokova and whether “partners” decorative throne of the UN Secretary-General as sufficient compensation for satisfaction of the Russian appetites.

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