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Putin harshly beat Obama in Syria: in a week there begins the season of sandstorms

The Russian blogosphere exploded with questions and answers on why Putin gave the order to withdraw the main forces of the Russian space forces from Syria. We offer to your attention one of the brightest of views.

You’d think Obama didn’t read the classics, you’d think Obama knows how to read…, there is much to think about, but, welcome to the table — it’s cold, you can eat.

The superpower super-duper power of the long and tedious Troll, Serene. Probably the only movies I saw Obama speechwriter with his therapist was “Brother”. Variations on a theme “in what force, brother?” we heard a few months. Now you can laugh.

Putin has forced the US to launch a campaign against four letters (LIH), and went to rest. Now the Negro will be on stage to work not just for two, but for the words, aphorisms and all the jokes.
He wanted to show that not “lame duck” sits in the oral office… easily his Highness gave him the opportunity.

After a week in Syria begins the season of sand storms.
The time is very well chosen. Unlike the T-90 from Astrakhan, which is all the same, really-tamu…, motors of gunships and fighters don’t like sand.

And the Sun or Pinocchio deeply care about. And interestingly, Shoigu today reported That Palmyra blocked. Assad’s army went to the operating room. Here, in the canyons and mountains of Lattakia aviation did everything they could.

Chase through the desert for a bandit on a donkey just not interested. And now, it is none of our business. The monkey volunteered to help. Welcome to the scene.

Proff: http://rusvesna.su/news/1457996456

 Путин жёстко переиграл Обаму в Сирии: через неделю там начинается сезон песчаных бурь

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