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Public transport don’t wait!

Развития общественного транспорта не ждите!

At the request of the Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation I. Alafinov: “metro does not pay off in any city of Russia, except Moscow”. In this regard, do not expect the construction of new and development of existing underground, because “it is very expensive things”, and the priority becomes the development of land transport.

Interesting is the observation that every year in our country, fewer companies producing domestic means of public transport. Due to the flooding of cities, personal vehicles, every day hundreds of thousands of citizens spend unrecoverable time of their life in traffic jams, while public transport is experiencing exactly the same difficulties. Among the motorists believed that all difficulties on the road from heavy trucks and public transport. That is, of those traffic participants who perform a socially useful function.

Against this background, significant statements of the authorities of some cities on the improvement of public transport. That is not supported by the tenders on their websites. For example, in Saratov in the last couple of years actively remember the project “light rail”. In this case the real average speed of this composition will be only about 24 km/h. this project will apply only those measures which do not imply a radical restructuring of the roadway and replacement of the tracks. That is, the tram doesn’t get a new path with a new pillow designed for greater speed and will not be separated from the rest of the traffic permanently, and does not significantly increase speed.

Also recently it became known that Saratov will purchase as many as 7 (SEVEN) new trolleybuses as much as 49.8 million rubles! The starting price of the tender is as follows. But even if we consider the tender of the almost 50 million rubles will not save the production of trolleybuses Engels. But, as you say incomprehensible to experts, the market trolleibusnaya a little startled in 2019 And this is not surprising. Competition for a place under the sun and spontaneity of production under capitalism only lead to the fact that it eventually collapse, if you do not reach scale, “too big to fall”. However, in our country capitalism is not going to develop production. Because the development of industrial enterprises not expected.

This issue can be traced all the essence of the capitalist system: profit maximization in the shortest possible time. Why build a metro line that cost billions and then wait for years when they pay off? After all, the faster you can buy a party bus, earning to repurchase, and then another, and on petroleum products for them to systematically make a profit.
It is worth remembering the words of advocate for the “efficient market” that the socialist system is uncompetitive. It was under the socialist system metro has developed in many major cities, despite its high cost and complexity. Why is such a necessary transport is not evolving? The answer given by the Deputy Minister – not profitable. “Effective managers” of no concern to the welfare of the inhabitants of the country, let them suffocate in traffic jams, commute for hours every day to work, the main thing is profit.

For this purpose, and was stolen from the people of the means of production. And return them to the service can only we, the workers themselves, through the proclamation of socialism and the abolition of private ownership of the means of production. For this everyone should realize its importance and to engage in political struggle. The party started from the bottom, hold and guide the efforts of working people against exploitation. Fight for your future and the future of their children!

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