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Pseudo-laptop NexDock successfully funded on Indiegogo

A few months ago on the portal Indiegogo, leading the fundraising for the promotion of start-UPS, a device NexDock. Externally it is a regular laptop, but it works only in tandem with a third — party device- smartphone, single Board computer and so on. Today, as it turned out, the gadget is collected is used to produce money, so now its release is imminent. Look at what is he so interested users.

Actually, NexDock is not a laptop, and accessory in the form of a laptop. It is possible to connect, for example, a smartphone based on Windows Mobile 10 through function Continuum, and the user will be able to work with documents and the Internet on the big screen and hardware keyboard. As another example, the Raspberry Pi computer any generation, which is simply a Board with HDMI output for connection to monitor. What if you connect it to NexDock? Yes without any problems! Take an HDMI cable, mount Union, and now the single-Board PCs turns into a handy laptop! C Android gadgets all exactly the same, so that the penis is a handy and very useful to many.

NexDock costs exactly $ 150, and the release is scheduled for July of this year. The price went a 14.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, battery 10000 mAh, dual USB ports, one HDMI, a microSD slot and a headphone input. Size NexDock are 351х233х20 mm and weighs 1.5 kg.

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