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Products Guntermann Drunck at the Congress World ATM Congress 2016

Nowadays constantly increasing the need for modernization of systems to manage air traffic together with the need to organize the effective interaction between the different services responsible for the safety of air passenger transport, leading to rapid growth and increasing complexity of the used information systems. It may be CARATS, SESAR, NextGen, OneSKY or any other local Union or international rules of flights: the powerful and most modern systems for processing and transmitting data to guarantee safe and efficient air movement with the ever-increasing traffic. In any systems, which previously used analogue equipment, now used large-scale Data Centers, which are responsible for the transfer and processing of enormous volumes of critical information data flow, starting from gathering information about the weather conditions and radar readings, to communication technologies to transfer data between different divisions of aviation services. Digital information computer system is a key component of all modern dispatching services. Of key importance to ensuring effective access and management of distributed on the area of computer systems in the field of air navigation. All of these systems should be controlled considering the totality of existing rules both information and physical security, is also critical to have an effective channel redundancy current processes.

The performance, security and ease of use of modern control systems

The use of modern switching equipment ensures the easiest and safest way of managing distributed information computer systems. The company Guntermann & Drunck is a leading German manufacturer of the most advanced KVM hardware and hardware solutions for switching and “elongation” various interface signals. Equipment company Guntermann & Drunck is constantly improving and for many years effectively used in the management of aircraft movements. Having vast experience of manufacturing KVM equipment, the company Guntermann & Drunck can offer its customers a number of unique technological solutions that help optimize your business processes to ensure the highest performance and to ensure the smooth operation and the reliability of IT installations.

The use of KVM equipment to ensure workflows in control rooms

KVM equipment from Guntermann & Drunck enables you to create the ideal conditions for the effective functioning of aviation control rooms in airports and ground service staff. Professional KVM equipment makes it easy to transmit and distribute various interface signals in real time, without delays and without the need to install additional drivers or. Thus, it is possible to remotely manage the computers when using the interface extensions. Modern KVM switches allow you to work effectively with any number of computers remotely from any workstation.


Thanks to the removal of system units with desktop users, in this case – control centers and control towers, allowing you to create to all users the most optimal conditions for work, as well as efficient loading and unloading of the workspace, to get rid of excessive noise, overheating and other distractions. Choose system units and servers are hosted in the most secure and optimal conditions of server rooms, allowing you to guarantee the physical and information security and to provide comfortable access to information systems for technical staff and system administrators.

Information security and system redundancy

The use of switching equipment easily allows not only effectively expand the functionality of hardware resources, but also to create comfortable conditions for comfortable work of staff. A major advantage of the KVM systems in the field of ATC is achieved thanks to the implementation of the key concepts ensure reliable uninterrupted operation of IT systems.


KVM equipment from Guntermann & Drunck are able to demonstrate their technological capabilities, especially in a time when emergency situation or sudden circumstances or causes of failures in switching systems. KVM switches automatically control the stability of any system of switching quickly and perform failover of the primary production system to a secondary backup, if you have discovered any defects or problems.


Innovative monitoring of switching systems from the company Guntermann & Drunck is able to provide effective security your mission-critical systems air traffic. KVM G&D even capable to detect and to monitor if any computer is transmitting any signals properly. This provides a Pro-active administration and allows you to enable quick activation of a backup system even before the work of air traffic controllers will be responsible for some reason interrupted, allowing technicians to simultaneously administer and support the operation of critical systems in the background and to support continuous operation 24/7.


We live in a modern world where the Internet permeates almost all areas of life, leading to the risk of cyber-attacks, both external and internal. Through the use of KVM systems from the company Guntermann & Drunck you can easily prevent all these risks and ensure effective security. Extender G&D allow you to place information systems in controlled facilities, protected from unauthorized access and at the same time to secure authorized access for professionals and staff to data systems not created the slightest of obstacles.


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