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Pregnant Lena of “Quarter-95” showed a recent photo

Беременная Лена из «Квартала-95» показала свежее фотоElena Kravets has shared a new image, which clearly shows her perfectly round pot belly.

Recently the audience with admiration took the news of her second pregnancy the only women in the Studio “Quarter-95” Elena Kravets. She is raising is old enough daughter Masha, and now decided to become a mother for the second time. Lena herself did not comment on her pregnancy, because she did it colleagues, having gone to Cyprus with the concert in the new structure. Elena at the time of the decree it will replace Tatiana the Dog, which has a bright sense of humor and manner of performance of humorous miniatures.

In social network “Vkontakte” Elena Kravetz confirmed your page, photographed with a sheet of paper on which is written the ID address of the account. As the artist is depicted in almost all growth, it became noticeable rounded tummy. Elena prettier, so her fans assumed that she’s expecting a boy, while others noted that such a neat tummy indicates that there lives a girl.

In any case, the public will have to wait to find out boy or girl is Elena Kravets, and yet as long as she was healthy and happy.

Беременная Лена из «Квартала-95» показала свежее фото

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