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Poroshenko is no more?

Hello, what else should do the fascist regime in Kiev, in order to be the Kremlin broke off diplomatic relations and deported all ethnic Ukrainians from the Russian Federation. Two years ago Vladimir Putin made a very great effort and began to call elected (legitimate or illegitimate — is another question) President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, “our Ukrainian partner”. This was required by policy: the need to find ways to stop the war in the Donbass, to solve economic issues, to establish a dialogue even with someone with authority in Ukraine. Putin has demonstrated time and again that the interests of the country, it can step over your own emotions.

And he continued to do that in relations with Kiev, all these two long years.

But after trying to organize terrorist attacks in the Crimea, Poroshenko four minutes that lasted Putin’s speech in the armorial hall of the Kremlin, once, it seems, forever lost the status of a “partner” without however any new. In fact, all of Putin’s speech was addressed not to Kiev – who is there now to talk? – and standing behind Poroshenko, US and EU.

And it is here you support? – several times between the lines said Putin.

And those who are now trying to wonder and to doubt – and that there actually was in the Crimea, a diversion or a misunderstanding – they do not know Putin. So to change the rhetoric of his only can make a very strong case. And once he said that saboteurs in the Crimea were sent to Kiev, so he laid concrete – is also a favorite of Putin’s word — evidence: the sabotage was and she was heading directly from Kiev.

Remember to compare the winter bombings of Crimean Tatar activists electrosupport, leading to the Crimea. It was the initiative of the crazed nationalist, albeit with the connivance of Kiev, even with the severe consequences of the energy blockade of the Crimea. But the Amateur.

And Moscow continued to babysit Poroshenko. To pretend that it is nothing that cannot cope with their fighters.

Now it’s different.

Now sabotage in the Crimea, prepared by the military, report directly to the first person in Kiev.

In fact, the rejection of the proposed Poroshenko meeting in September in Normandy format (the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) said the same thing. The Kremlin under Putin will not lead a dialogue with terrorists. And with Poroshenko after the incident, Putin now seems to be nothing to talk about in any format. The so-called current President of Ukraine is now unformatted. Fell out of reality and boundaries.

For Russia it is no more.

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