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Planning as the natural state of any economy

Планирование как естественное состояние любой экономики

The question of choosing between planned and market economies has recently been discussed on the Internet, now the question sounded on television. First question is initially delivered incorrectly, because without planning there can be no economy.

To the question of planned economy, and specifically in the USSR, we can say the following. Yes, the USSR’s planned economy was, but it did not always work effectively, because her work was constantly interfered Amateurs, to be precise – the party nomenclature. It is this intervention of non-professionals in all spheres of society, in the planning and production processes and has become the impetus for the collapse of the USSR. And these Amateurs, the party nomenclature came into power in the 90’s, and it is they who are in power now.

And since in our country the TV shows anything that raises a topic exclusively with the filing and approval authorities, and discussion on planned economy is also approved by the authority. Question, why was this done…?

The government is trying to recreate their familiar way of doing business, but does it, as all it does for over 20 years, solely for personal gain, and as always unprofessional. She has already restored the Communist party called United Russia, but to restore the national economy she is not able, and not really wants.

Because of the CPSU, in any case, while they were alive first the Bolsheviks, acted solely in the interests of the people and with the people. But by the 80 th years of last century in the leadership of the Communist party were people who were solely guided by personal interests, social climbers and just idlers, whose sole activity ball party work, even if they had some sort of profession early in his party career.

Now we have the party and administrative-financial elite, which, to some extent, aware of the need for change, but has no idea, nor the direction, nor the mechanisms for further development, although in reality it is degradation.

Because the direction, the only possible one, according to the vast majority of the population of Russia is socialism, and the government just can’t admit this fact, because then they lose not only their ill-gotten capital, but also to the authority, and maybe life.

This is why they try to flirt with people, creating the illusion of interest, openness, social orientation, without their slightest words and deeds drip improvements in the lives of the people. But in these years we have matured, we began to understand many things and understand a lot of things, and we no longer believe talking heads from the TV.

And, it seems, they know how to solve this problem. No wonder raised a company against the USSR and Stalin, and in fact is a publicity stunt before the repression, which the power of the name of Stalin and justify. Type – you yourself wanted to.

Sorry for the lyrics, back to the planned economy. So, sooner or later we will have to build a planned economy, and that in the future not to expose our country to unnecessary risks, I believe that planning must be devoted exclusively to professionals and the role of parties should be limited to social activities in their spare time. And never again in our country, party work should not be the sole human activities, especially the group of people.

04.12.2010 G. Nina Crow.

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