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Planned economy and a ruling pen

In ancient times, when the young beautiful girls were given free of charge, and the country was called the unbreakable Union of free republics, the economy in this very unbreakable was that neither is planned.

In a large building on a street that is now called Okhotny Ryad, and formerly wore the name of the bearded son of a lawyer born in the German city of Trier sitting very brainy people who are out of their offices saw and planned, how many grains should to peck for Breakfast chicken from the farm “Eggs Ilyich”, how many handkerchiefs should ship the Ivanovo garment factory in a Department store in Vladivostok, and the beer factory “Red Bavaria” bottles “Zhigulevsk” in Essentuki.

All the bourgeoisie of the planet Earth blazed with hatred, and ordinary people from the world of capitalism had a strong envy towards the Soviet workers, because they did not have, as we have trousers of the Volodarsky factory, Shoe factory “Skorokhod”, the cars “Moskvich” and “Lada”, they were not given the free trade Union permits to camp with plywood cabins and indoor plumbing.

Capitalists, too, were jealous of us and wrote various theories about the imperfection of the planned economy, gave to the agents of the Nobel prize, as, for example, the Austrian Hayek, obosnovyvaetsya their theories with incomplete information.

Плановая экономика и рейсфедер

However, a wise scholar from Odessa was denied by Hayekby writing that modern supercomputers have information about absolutely everything and can plan how much to produce bottles of vodka with a capacity of half a liter, how many liter and how many quarters, how many aspirin tablets, etc.

But in the old days supercomputers have not been, the wise planners believed on wooden accounts and just started to plan the release of the world’s largest calculators the size of a quarter on the dining table.

And… And the author of these lines during that time he worked as a designer of nuclear reactors. Then the state planning Committee has not yet scheduled the release of personal computers with AutoCad, so the designers drew with pencils on paper, which was called the drawing paper attached to the boards in the device, which bore the name Kuhlman. Yeah… drawing Paper, drawing boards… Fifth paragraph, however…

And each constructor with a job was given a drawing set, in which there were so many machines, which use only compasses for drawing circles, about the purpose of many others were not even aware.

Although he was in the drawing set the screen ruling pen… Again… fifth paragraph of the ruling pen that was intended for drawing ink, although the ink during the time when the author worked as a designer, that is, from the mid seventies to the early nineties, no one was tracing. Copies from paper drawings was made via the copy technics, vigilantly supervised by the Office of Deep Drilling.

And then the question arises, why were the necessary drafting pens. Many will probably think that they were released due to errors due to the imperfections of computer technology available to the wise men from the state planning Commission.

No you can’t. The drafting pens had a very important utilitarian function – Soviet women plucked their eyebrows. Although Soviet industry produced and manicure sets, which includes a device for plucking eyebrows. However, the appointment of this device is not performed.

For manufacturers of tweezers weren’t asking for they pluck his eyebrows or not, but for the fact that the right amount and on time. And even better ahead of time (ahead of time) and more (over plan). Well, eyebrows can and the ruling pen polymerisate. Or heavy walking. As Brezhnev…

And you ask, what is this note. So about the same advantages of the planned economy

Плановая экономика и рейсфедер


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