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Pike in July

Many anglers will note that in the autumn of colleagues in the hobby on the banks of reservoirs becomes several times more than in the summer. This is not surprising, because according to General belief pike begins a crazy munchies.

In my opinion, the confidence of the anglers that the pike are most active in the fall, goes back to those days when, in addition to the huge kalabalak in the Arsenal of spinning there was nothing else. Spoons do not float on the pause, don’t hang out in the water, not paint a snake on the surface and certainly not slurp, but because for fishing you need a serious stock of the depth under the keel. In autumn, underwater vegetation dies, giving the opportunity to sh in previously inaccessible waters, and on large reservoirs with cold pike goes after Malcolm to the depths from where to get it kolebalki more than real.

Another factor contributing to the mass pilgrimage of hunters for pike on rivers and lakes — research ichthyologists. According to them, the predator at this time gaining fat in preparation for winter, and therefore actively hunting. It’s hard to argue, because with the cooling water behaves almost all fish, but pike are not a bear in hibernation not flows, and therefore nothing prevents it to feed in winter and especially in summer, when ambushes for hunting multitudes, and right under their noses walk the swarms of fingerlings.

And if so, then summer spinning fishing no less successful than the autumn. I will say even more: every pike season is unique, and most catches are stable in the period from the end of the spawning of the ban until around the middle of August, in the autumn months of the activity of pike was observed only from case to case, and therefore bellevie becomes almost the norm. My observations are mainly associated with the reservoirs of the Moscow region, but somehow I shared them with a friend the spinner, which constantly catches on the Uglich reservoir, and he said that the fall in some years the pike seems to melt away, while in the summer to catch her easily.

When I was in greater degree than is now subject to fishing stereotypes, I also went in the summer for pike rarely, without much preparation and more for recreation, and if you managed to catch something, thought it was a Fluke or a rare luck and waited for the fall to “get fucked”. Now for summer spinning fishing I come much more serious, and this approach to fishing is almost always justified. In this regard, recall one indicative fishing when on a small oblong pond in 30 km from Moscow, my friend came to this zhor pike. Predator chasing fry with noisy splashes. Agree, this picture warms the soul of each spinner, but that day was not only warmed the soul: the body is too burned (and burned), because the thermometer showed +37°…


Start with the poppers. According to many anglers, poppers designed exclusively for fishing in ponds, saying that on the course they work badly, and their element — “jarovnice and weedy bays of larger bodies of water. I thought so too for a long time until I Popper, caught a pike is 2 kg, and in that part of the river where I usually caught a sinking lure, confidently holding spray. I have adopted the experience of others and the next weekend, taking with him only poppers, went in search of toothy. And caught! Subsequent fishing is also not disappoint. In that year I was really popenoe summer, as other lures to catch not like: not the adrenaline. The idyll ended in the second half of August, when loaded rains, and the water was up and muddy.

Fishing the Popper on the course has its own peculiarities. A classic harness with periodic gurgling as well. Pike is a predator mostly ambush, but because the jet comes out rarely, preferring to stand near tufts of grass, to which it is necessary to fuse the bait: pacaveli near one of the beam — fused Popper to the next. To lure tightly to a potential ambush predator or not (and it is not always possible on the course), as the noisy pike Popper observes from a distance. Blood boils when the lure from a considerable distance it carried “torpedo”, from which the different sides were scattered fry. Weird, but fry out of the way, the pike does not attack, its purpose is solely Popper, which apparently she perceives as a food competitor, preying on its territory. Probably just for this reason, the pike attacks the Popper with some bitterness, but missing, turns around and attacks again. In these moments, feel the trembling knees, but the main thing is to keep your emotions in check, so as not to make the trip to fish contact with the bait, which often happens even for experienced anglers. Exactly the same misfires happen when fishing on the walkers.

Speaking of walkers. I have a lure of this type showed the best results in stagnant water, especially in places where the bottom is covered with algae and a carpet. Why in stagnant water? In my opinion, for pike “hears” Walker side line is much worse than the Popper, and not all the walkers steadily work on the river stream. But tyhovoddya ringleader, especially in calm weather, they have no equal. The snake that draws the bait on the water surface, apparently, resembles the predator sick fish, tossing in agony from side to side, so eating it will not be difficult. And if Popper for pike a rival, which need to be addressed, the Walker just an easy target that is hard to refuse. Given this, don’t forget to put summer in a box at least one bait for pike, preferably from a trusted manufacturer to the doubt tormenting.


The lures of this type is marked SR or SSR, that is shallow and supermasculine. However, not so clear. For example, the model of one firm, labelled SR can go closer to the surface than another model marked SSR, as a lot depends on the speed and style of posting. Self-respecting manufacturer always specifies the maximum diving depth of the crankbait, which for lures of this class usually less than a meter. In stock must have at least three of the crank of this type: going below the surface, at a depth of about two feet or so-called metrovic. This is what the lures type minnow. In the company they should put at least one sub-surface crank, because it can be a lifesaver when all other resources have been exhausted. It is difficult to find the cause of this. Perhaps, triggered a radical change of bait, or maybe something else — not the point. Importantly, the scheme works. Have pacaveli Popper, drew the snake Walker, had a narrow twitching minnow and caught nothing? Time to put the KranK!


Pike sees the successful execution of the Wobbler as your natural object hunt.

You cannot ignore one remarkable factor. If the surface pike does not manifest itself, and fellow fishermen complain about the complete lack of bite, great results will show a compound Wobbler with a minimum degree of buoyancy (you can load a floating Wobbler or wound on his front tee lead wire). It is necessary to hold very slowly, combining short Rybacki or action with long pauses. Such lures on the pause usually zalamyvayutsya, resembling a wounded fish that rarely leaves indifferent the pike. It is important not to rush. The pause can be up to 10 seconds. Not every angler will be patient enough to hold spermadine Wobbler, but believe me, it’s worth it.

At first glance, you can be confused when choosing the lures for summer: the active crank is needed, then limp compound Wobbler, top voter. But it is better to be prepared for every possible situation for fishing, than in vain to sunbathe on the beach. So, to summarize. Of the lures we will need: one Popper, one Walker, three classic minnow, with different cavities, one crank and one compound Wobbler. A total of seven lures. Not so much. I just want to warn against the purchase of lures doubles. No need to carry a few similar on the game and sinking lures. To replace similar models takes valuable time, and the situation has not changed. If you are seriously aiming to catch the toothy predator in the summer heat, it is desirable to have at hand not only lures.


In mid-summer when aquatic vegetation rises to the surface, forming the whole island, a very popular fishing pogruzhennogo rubber. Twister, vibrohvosta or put slug on an offset hook, fasten a hook to a leash of strings — here’s the snap. I this installation at one time also used, but then completely switched on lightly loaded tires. The reason? Pause pogruzheny silicone plays as usual, but this game is important when the bait falls with a dense carpet of grass in the gap, the so-called window.

Silicone I Agrajag in three ways. If you want to weight the fleshy Twister, then make an incision closer to the nose of the lure, pushed into him a few pellets, and then lighter sealed “the wound”. For such an operation will need a non-edible rubber, as it is, with rare exceptions, much stronger than edible. The second method — installation on an offset hook with the uploading of the forearm. The bait in this case it is better to test in the bathroom at home, since the position of the cargo in opsenica greatly changes the play of the lure. Some vibrohvosta work better with ogruzka on the nose, slugs — ogruzka closer to the middle. Even for quality branded hooks with some effort the weight can be pushed, then it is important to fix it with superglue in the right place. If there is no brand of hooks that can be wound on the shank solder or clamp it on a small sinker. Depending on the size of the lure weight it is usually in the range of 2-5 grams. And the third way — put on the leash of strings sinker for Texas rigging. To do this, undo the pigtail loop, gently straighten the lead to put it on consignment and braid pigtail. If you do the leash itself, the task is much simplified, as the braid, you can braid after the load is on the string. This snap-in, good variety of plastic imitation-gibberish with many moving parts.

In the summer fishing on silicone fishing success in many respects depends on correctly chosen transaction. If in the autumn in most cases, steers the classical step, then in the summer just need to include fantasy and to approach each lure with enthusiasm of the experimenter. For example, the pause when properly matched ogruzka slug will sink, povilika sides (to pour), therefore, more attention should be paid to breaks in the Windows among vegetation. Vibrohvosta, by contrast, is played with a installation on the pauses sluggish, but just fascinating predator on the uniform transaction acceleration-deceleration, and therefore it is better to catch them there, where the grass is spread on the bottom of a carpet. Camaroontree various baits generally provide food inspiration, as they can fish a variety of transactions, up to twiching.


In this article I have deliberately left out the fishing on large reservoirs. Oxygen regime on them more or less stable, the fish are active, but because of the contrivances for catching it requires less. However, in reservoirs and large rivers in the summer is often simply impossible to catch: crowds of tourists on the beach and endless races in the water not the picture we want to see fishing.

In my opinion, the best summer fishing takes place in the shadow of the trees on the Bank of a small river or lake. There are almost no people, but there are fish, and what is it to lure, you are now well known.

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