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OPCW: in Iraq had used mustard

ОЗХО: в Ираке применяли иприт

Terrorist group “Islamic state” have used mustard gas during the attack on the Kurds in Iraq in the past year. As reports Reuters, citing data from the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, “laboratory tests yielded positive results”

“35 Kurdish soldiers have the symptoms of the effects of prohibited chemicals during the battle with militants in the South-East of the city of Erbil in August 2015,” said the OPCW.

Remains unknown the origin of this weapon. It is assumed that the rebels either had access to non-declared Syrian stockpile, or to the production of mustard gas and related ammunition.

According to the classification of the OPCW, mustard gas refers to the most dangerous categories of chemicals. It causes severe burns of eyes, skin and respiratory system.


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