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On live bait in the spring

Upon receipt of meltwater, spring under the ice on reservoirs of different type does not begin at the same time. A lot depends on the size of pond, lakes, reservoirs, flowage and area of shallow coastal waters. In any case, in those areas where fresh water accumulates, the first animated toothy pike that kills all living things on the ground near her spawning. And usually the predator goes to the small depth near the coast.

For the production of toothed spring ice anglers usually use trolling with artificial bait, or rope and tackle with live fish bait. However, trolling is good in early ice, but catching a predator of sprat, the most profitable and least labour-intensive in the spring, when it is necessary to do many holes in hardened ice.

In General the form of tackle, as the most simple, profitable and quick way to catch different predators from the ice, in common form, with some specific variations is a small, freely rotating on the axis of the coil with the stock fishing line, a sinker, a leash and a tee on the end. This coil with snap-fastened to any rack, easy to secure installation on the ice surface around the hole. Ideally, “move” the coil after the biting yet requires minimal adjustment that is too loose raskruchivanie, it does not drop the line in the form of “beard”. For this purpose, the spool of fishing line put on the axial sleeve from “slippery” plastic (Teflon, polyethylene, polystyrene, vinyl liner) and lightly “pinch” the freedom of its rotation by means of a Central adjusting screw.

The alerter bite in the tackle is usually a narrow plate of spring steel, is like a continuation of the upper rack. On top of the spring is strengthened bright, visible from afar, the box that can be red, black, yellow, blue, green — a lot depends on the density of standing of other gear and the predominant surrounding background. This tip of the spring with the box, slightly bent at the circumference of the coil, with a little effort got under the coil and pressed against her elastic force, preventing, fixing it to the cranking bite. Downforce in the amount should slightly exceed the weight of the sinkers, the pressure to tackle the tide or wind, and a brisk jerks of the bait. Then right tackle “alarming,” is in the working position.

Under normal adjustment, not excessively tight, so that a predator had not pinned on the hook when biting, even with a light grip it for lure box instantly “shoots” upward, freeing the vanishing line. Such fishing is very hazardous, unless she turns in harvesting fish, in the extermination of all the pikes in the pond that had no time to watch in the spring, while clusters of predators in a fairly dense spawning family. This occurs when a particularly enterprising “experts”, in violation of all ethical norms and rules fishing is allowed five zherlits on the person literally cover them evenly all coastal shallow waters.

Only we must remember that without sufficient predators in the reservoir faces a big problem: as a rule, all the local inhabitants are rapidly shrinking, degenerate, and even worse — they are stricken with all sorts of parasitic diseases, sometimes dangerous to humans. So predators in the pond should be protected, being careful not to change the biological balance. And especially valuable to the health of the fish population of pike is a recognized “nurse” of our waters. It earlier and react faster than others to “vibration” emanating from the sick fish, which simulates a live bait on the tackle, which is pierced by the hook, so the pike is most affected by this fishing gear.

In the springtime of the apparent simplicity of the standard winter imitation fish and fishing on it, is deceptive. Tactics of fishing with zhivcova tackle, as well as options of the equipment, to some extent differ depending on the targeted species, season, water body type and even bait. In the spring, when it comes to fish at very small depths, of snap, as a rule, is withdrawn shipped or it goes up the ice, becoming the stabilizer of the line with strong gusts of wind. Also shortened and the working part of the fishing line, that pike could not go under the ice in last year’s coastal thickets of vegetation or confuse the tackle in snags.

As for tactics, if somewhere along the coast will begin frequent bites, then tackle quickly transferred to a staging area for feeding the predator. Maybe here at the bottom is a small groove, through which the pike surreptitiously gets to his victims.

It is clear that the majority of winter-related problems marzeniem in the ice fishing line and storing bait, the angler with relizami dumping in the springtime when it comes to steady heat. But here, on the contrary, care should be taken that the bait is not overheated in Caen in the sun and later died from the sharp changes of water temperature when lowering it into the hole. We also know that spring ice is thick and turbid, poorly permeable for light, so not to scare the fish a bright spot, the hole should be carefully darkened, at least having broken reeds on the banks or by applying the imitation fish with a broad base of plywood or plastic. In addition, it is necessary to pay more attention to morning and evening fishing, when the minimum illuminance.

And yet, remembering the perfidy of the spring ice, we must always control the situation, take care of security. On the big reservoirs at this time of year due to sharp fluctuations in the level and under the influence of wind can occur large-scale movements of the ice from the coast, creating wide openings, making it accessible to the angler or machine, these patches of open water have long to around to return to shore. Also near the sun-warmed shore ice quickly becomes loose, so in the morning it is necessary to make the crossing from scrap materials.

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