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Omsk road — in almost every city of Russia

Омские дороги — почти в каждом городе России

This year the age-old problem in Russia “Fools and roads” gradually began to lose its relevance. The first part found an alternative – the Internet meme “the Omsk road.” The second began to pass into the categories defined by articles of the Criminal code.

The country is mired in corruption, bribery, nepotism began to fall apart and degrade in the eyes, but real, cutting eyes the epitome of this steel is not resilient, long seen high-quality repair of the road, covered in mud sidewalks and lawns covered with cars. Somewhere in Europe, maybe in the capital Grozny or, collect the debris with a vacuum cleaner, and the asphalt wash with shampoo. In the province of the same SUVs stuck in ditches in the middle of Central city highways, reagents, generously scattered in the winter (certainly not collected by then) melted the rubber boots and tires, the rust does not kill the bottom of the German cars.

Devastation, first of all, in the heads – nobody argues, but why should a city look like after a massive RAID by enemy aircraft. The power of thought?

From garden city to city-the pit

The furor on the Internet made posted on Youtube in late March, the movie “Omsk. Of the road”. Music legends “Two steps from hell” – A. S. A. P. was initiated Thriller about life in provincial Russia. But recently, residents complained about a bad mizhbudynkovi driveways, lack of benches and rubbish bins in parks, the lack of a comprehensive landscaping program in the city.

Oh Yes, about the gardening. Once Omsk wore the proud name of the garden city, in the middle of its main road – the Avenue of Karl Marx’s pleasing to the eye lawn with gladioli…

But back to the roads. The city is the oldest in the Siberian road Institute (now fashionably called the Academy), specialized research Institute “Soyuzdornii”. His scientists were developed and successfully implemented the compositions of modifiers for bitumen that can increase the service life of the road surface several times, the polymers that reduce the costs of manufacture and operation of roads, regional, including Siberian and polar regions, the system of quality management of road works. It would seem that in Omsk should be the best streets and avenues in the country, especially since, as the head of the city stood the chief engineer of the company “Mostovik”, the flesh of SibADI and Soyuzdornii.

It is here that the magic occurs. It all started with the fact that the mayor of the glorious city of Omsk in the first year of his service in the role of mayor, the President of Russia in a live broadcast called “the pig”. Seemingly “the strong business Executive”, professional Builder had to lead Omsk is in perfect condition from the point of view of utilities. And no, starting in 2012, the city was covered with mud and decayed.

The election of a new Governor, close to giants: Gazprom and Sberbank fundamentally nothing has changed.

Fly, money, fly!

How I want to make a withdrawal, which is on the surface: the hawks made a mistake choosing such a careless mayor, and now paying the price for his worthlessness, as the organizer of a big city life. But only in one Omsk is the catastrophic state of the roads? Can around, and especially in the European part of Russia, things are completely different?

Leaders of the disaster, nagryanuvshaya on a Russian city, along with seasonal warming, have been publicly designated for the First channel. The Volgograd, Voronezh and Saratov, Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk. Very delicate words found speakers for Omsk: “it is Difficult to imagine, but it is even worse – Omsk became a Siberian Venice”. Here told about the motorist who decided to stage a hunger strike right under the Windows of the city hall. For online reportage of Dmitry Kozlov was followed by a few days. Only the results from the no demarche has not happened. And Vice-mayor in the entire country reported that the problems with the roads in Omsk… blame the weather: “it causes the asphalt melted with the snow”.

No words, roads in the rapidly developing Novosibirsk or generously sponsored from the Federal center of the city look a bit more decent. Again, the cities that were being built not as a Omsk in the 50-60-ies of the last century, and in the early 80’s, have been designed to meet the growing flow of vehicles, with perspective, with harmoniously incorporated in the General plan recreation areas. But it has been gradually deteriorating, decaying, turning into a highly crumpled, stained and divorces retro photo that no one is going to be restored.

But what to restore?

“In Russia, the Prince took tithes, and today the “Prince” takes half”

Not half as much more.

In accordance with applicable law for the lion’s share of the collected taxes in the regions is sent directly to the Federal budget: all excise and state taxes, VAT, personal income tax, mineral extraction tax, profit tax and some other less “fatty”. The tax on property of organizations, transport tax and tax on gambling business (whether its in a lot of the average Russian region?) go in full to regional budgets. Local authorities remain the property tax of physical persons and land tax. In the regions, often in relation to the largest city has the same discriminatory principle. And live, in what does not deny.

To date, the Omsk roads need repair 2,536 billion. In the city budget (its nothing about 13-14 billion) for this purpose founded a little more than 500 million. It is expected to enter another 640 million from higher budgets. And we need to spend in the order of 648 thousand square meters of highways. A large part goes to capital and emergency repairs and restoration. More or less accurately be able to patch 21 the way that the city residents may not notice. That is the reality.

Hand on heart, if the city remained at least half of the money that he earns, Omsk and the majority of the Russian population would live in his pleasure.

Local budget – a hole in the hole

Omsk region during the first half of last year has collected for the Federal government almost 21 billion rubles. At that, she got 30 billion, and the city – about 6 billion it Should be understood that the majority of taxpayers live in the city: the region’s population – almost 2 million people, the city of nearly 1.2 million.

Then at the discretion of the Moscow chiefs money begin to sail back. But for the performance of every Federal penny should be meticulously accountable, and, God forbid, drag it from one item budget to another.

And that the Governor with the mayor in a city in this situation can do? There is no doubt that if the people in head with a pitchfork to go outside, or either or both of them immediately sacrifice him to the angry crowd: shoot, will get criminal case, going away for awhile in jail. The problem is not fundamentally solved. The new appointee for the species will be allocated some one-time subsidy, which will revealing the one street in the center, one somewhere on the outskirts, preferably in the public building. And then everything goes as usual.

However, most likely to allocate nothing will. And dissatisfied with his life a long time stashed repressive amendments to the legislation that allow law enforcement officers to shoot to kill even in pregnant women.

A strange feeling that such fiscal policy is carried out to maintain and strengthen the power vertical. Governors are forced to Finance any of its undertakings with an outstretched hand to wander around the offices of the Federal ministries in the hope to please, to get an extra billion and something fixed. Also the mayor has obsequious to “make friends” with the Governor, hoping for crumbs… from the regional budget.

On the other hand lives hand to mouth in the dirt, and maintains the population of a sufficient level of dissatisfaction with mayors and governors to see their aspirations were forever associated only with the grace coming from the Kremlin. And then, I suppose, can be dangerous, if between the population and local authorities established the Council, that the love. And the Center then why?

Like a lab rat under a microscope

Some more “pictures” from the battlefield.

In Omsk on April 2 at the square in front of Musical theater, which traditionally became the venue of the stock of active citizens (who are they on the square in front of the Legislative Assembly and the regional government be allowed?), picket (20 people!) against off-road in Omsk. Bored and a little embarrassing at all girls and boys under the watchful eye of the police (they clearly had more) stood one or two with a homemade wordstrips A3. What? Local media talked about it, how about some kind of misunderstanding, with an obvious grin. The organizers of the event hope that in the afternoon of 9 April, people will gather more. Hard to believe.

Omsk city Council at a meeting of one of their numerous committees postroila a bit. Deputies proposed to reduce the salaries of city officials, and the released means to direct on repair of roads. Their “blood present officials rushed to defend to the last. Immediately have any suggestions about new sources of funding, hopes for assistance from the region and from the Federal government. Against this background, it is quite rational Declaration of state of emergency did not cause the dispute of interest and enthusiasm.

Last weekend MOE fighters heroically rescued from flooding Isilkulsky and Odessa areas. Fortunately the victims were exclusively material. Already at the beginning of the working week the regional authorities have warned area residents that due to the sharp temperature rise (up to 10-15 degrees in the middle of April? – wouldn’t believe it!) the snow will begin to melt very active and the region is waiting for again a sudden flood (like snow in December). In General, all as always: the state of emergency, rescuers, ships on air cushions, all hands on deck. Organization of flow of water no one ever to do not tried.

All this resembles a scientific experiment in which laboratory gradually reduces the quantity of supplied oxygen and food in a jar with experimental mice and carefully keeps a log of the observations when they or a friend of a friend starts, or together die.

P. S. the Local online hangout tries in the mud and puddles to find a source of inspiration. Followed made the city famous roll in the network there were suggestions to rent in Omsk the continuation of the movie “Survivors” with the working title “Everyone who grew up in Omsk is already a survivor!”.

P. P. S. the Hashtag #Allblues while in electronic form only appeared on a pair of designer rubber boots, the main decoration of which was the markup, what is the depth of the puddle in which area of town: on the ankle or the Shin.

Love you, my Russia, for the…

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