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Novokuznechanok jumped into the hole with hooks under the skin

Новокузнечанка прыгнула в прорубь с крюками под кожей

Participants Novokuznetsk sports organizations “world of jumping”, specializing in rope-jumping – jumping with a climbing rope with different objects, has surprised Internet users with unusual jump: girl jumping with Novoiliynskiy bridge straight into the hole. While a lover of adrenaline only holds the rope attached to … threaded under the skin hooks.

– First time with hooks I was jumping more than six years ago – I did not like. And then I decided that just for fun, I won’t do it, but to implement some interesting ideas jump more, – told “KP-Kemerovo” Ksenia Smirnova.

The idea appeared last spring. First, the extreme just wanted to jump in the hole on a rope, but the fantasy played out.

– The idea of “mine,” says one of the founders of the “Land of jumps” Andrey Efremov. – Almost a year of waiting the frost. This is the first time in the world, as far as I know.

For the construction of the hole took two days. 60-centimeter ice strongly resisted.

– What was not cut! Chainsaws first tried, but not through the ice of propylene – had just crowbars to batter. Two scrap drowned! – says Andrey.

The next task is to get into the little hole, and to err is not. The bridge height is 15 metres, the size of the hole three by three. Before you make the jump, extreme did tests to Ksenia got exactly into the hole. But trick was only the second time.

– When punctured and she jumped, she was falling, – says Andrey Efremov. – Had more time to jump. With hooks in the back and in the cold it was difficult, but Ksenia is well done, did not give up, until the end came. Incidentally, her both hands were broken three months ago. In case the collapse has been (in October 2015 20 thrill-seekers were trapped there, falling into an abandoned mine near the village of KAZ – Ed.).

The second jump was successful: Ksenia chest plunged into the icy water and hung over the hole, and the record was recorded on camera. According to novokuznechanok, she was not even aware of snatch hooks in the back – the system was very soft.

– Do you feel moral satisfaction, – shared his impressions of the girl. – How can I explain it? The first time I jumped with hooks in the hope of new emotions, because in the normal jumping rope much has already been tried. Wanted to understand the feelings of people who are doing this, have fun. Because it is impossible to fully judge something without experiencing it. We have now made the jump to enshrine old idea – the dip in the hole still no one jumped. Well, small inconvenience (really small) and for that you can tolerate.

And in response to all the attacks and accusations of “lack of head” the extreme Xenia says: “Everything is relative”.

– Once the tattoo and the piercing seemed to be something out of the ordinary, but people got used to it, and now it is considered quite ordinary. People sharply reject something unusual, and those who try something new, famously attributed to the mentally retarded, freak. Besides, suspensions and jumping with hooks – direction is not new, just in our area, has started to develop recently.


Suspense (from the English. Free fall suspension – “suspension in freefall”) – fairly common among the Western extreme form of jumping with climbing gear, when fastening the rope to the person is done with the help of hooks in the back. Recently free fall practice and Russian extreme.

The hooks are disinfected and passed under the skin without hitting the muscle and not damaging practically Bouncing. The main thing is that training a person to jump was doing a professional.


Psychologist-psychotherapist Vadim CHEREPANOV:

– What motivates such people? The desire to conquer fear, or self-development is the pursuit of adrenaline? Probably, both. I think the first place goes ostentatious. Yogi sits on the nails in seclusion, to feel the victory over himself. And in this case is important, not the inner workings and external effects.

Young people tend not to “be”, but trying “to seem” – this old topic. “Seem” is fashionable. Help this is a social network where you can upload photos and videos. It’s like boasting. Not need to appear happy and to be truly.

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