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New exotic weapons, which the Pentagon wants to contain Russia and China

Новое экзотическое оружие, которым Пентагон хочет сдержать Россию и Китай

In the midst of daily news about “Islamic state” of Syria and remained virtually unnoticed reports on the development of the Pentagon’s new exotic weapons that can contain Russia and China.

Representatives of the Pentagon have started to talk openly about what they intend to use the latest tools of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create robot arms, “man-machine groups” and a powerful super-soldiers with reinforcements. It all seems like something from science fiction, but representatives of the Pentagon declare that according to their findings, such high-tech systems are the best way to combat those improvements, which are rapidly introduce army of Russia and China.

These could become revolutionary weapons systems said last week in an interview with the Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark (Robert Work) and Vice Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff air force General Paul Selva (Selva Paul). Their comments became another in the series of highly unusual reports of those studies, which, until recently, the military kept in the strictest confidence.

“So here we are, I hope, will make your fighting more powerful network and will sow uncertainty in the minds of the Russians and the Chinese, if they ever decide to join with us in a fight. So we can win the war with conventional means. In my opinion, this is the deterrence of non-nuclear means,” explained Wark.

At the Pentagon this high-tech concept was a boring title of “third offset strategy” in the image and likeness of the two previous strategies, helping to deter Russian encroachments during the cold war. In the basis of the first compensation strategy was operational and tactical nuclear weapons; the second, high-precision conventional weapons. In the latest version of the compensation strategy, the emphasis is that robotic weapons will help to restore the position of deterrence weakened by the progress of Russia and China in military Affairs.

The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford (Joseph F. Dunford) during the July hearings on the confirmation to the post was given its first warnings, stating that Russia poses the greatest “threat to the existence” of the United States of America. Wark, in his recent speech said that since the United States since 2001 have focused all their attention on the middle East, “our program is very slowly adapting to these new threats of high technical level”, which began to appear recently.

The Pentagon’s budget in 2017 will be allocated certain funds for such high technology: this is three billion dollars to counter the Chinese attack from long range on the U.S. Navy; three billion dollars on the upgrade of submarine systems; three billion dollars for the creation of a joint human-machine teams and to conduct operations with the use of hordes of unmanned mini-drones; 1.7 billion dollars on cyber and electronic systems, which use artificial intelligence; $ 500 million in war games and other tests of new developments and concepts.

The Obama administration, which quite often rebuke for being too slow to respond to threats from Russia and China, apparently came to the conclusion that the best strategy for America is using his biggest advantage, which is technology. These concepts resemble the “Star wars” President Reagan, but only 30 years later.

The latest technology in the military sphere in the past year received a new impetus to the development of a high-end Scientific Council of the Ministry of defense, which summers conducted an analysis of Autonomous robotic weapons. “Imagine that you are not ready to resist such means in the hands of our enemy,” he cautioned his members.

Partly this is a game aimed at applying appropriate signals to the Russians and the Chinese. Wark calls Russia “the resurgent great power” and China “a resurgent power with an impressive a hidden technical potential, which represents a more long-term strategic challenge”. In his statement of 2 February about the new budget the Minister of defense Ashton Carter (Ashton Carter) spoke about Russian “aggression” in Europe and said: “We didn’t have to worry about it a quarter of a century, and although I personally wish it was different, now we have to do it”.

Carter caused some surprise when, in his budget address spoke about the initiative of the highly classified Pentagon called “Office of strategic possibilities”, which he created in 2012, as Deputy Minister. He noted that the office is working on the creation of modern navigation systems for precision guided weapons with the use of micro-cameras and sensors; missile defense systems with the use of hypersonic missiles and swarms of drones, “are extremely fast and stable”.

The Wark has illustrated a willingness to discuss new exotic weapons. During the interview he showed a tiny drone Perdix smaller than 30 centimeters, which last summer consisting of a dense swarm of such drones took flight after launching from the aircraft. These highly sophisticated drones are part of a Pentagon concept for the future fight.

Ukraine and Syria have become a sobering demonstration of Russian military capabilities. In his interviews and other public comments, the Wark in detail told about achievements of Russia in the military sphere, which include automated martial network, advanced detection devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, anti-personnel weapons and electronic jamming.

“Frankly, our opponents are improving the fighting involving the man, said Wark in December at a conference at the Center for a new American security. — And this is very frightening, and quite real”.

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