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Netflix employees made fun of bad horror movies

Сотрудники Netflix высмеяли плохие фильмы ужасов

Internet users noticed the unusual mocking annotations to some of the horror films on the video service Netflix. The publication Venture Beat on Friday, March 18, was a compilation of such plot descriptions.

The authors of the article point out that some of the horror is filmed so poorly that they can be mistaken for a parody of the genre. These films, in their view, it is possible to watch only to laugh at the clichés and ridiculous plot twists. The publication adds that the annotations were written for the films with low user ratings.

“Piranha 3D” (Piranha), 2010 because of the earthquake, the prehistoric fish-ogres fall in the lake. Just at this time there is awash youth, resting on spring break. It seems that the party is over.

“Cherry tree lane” (Cherry Tree Lane), 2010 Knock on the door adds a family dinner taste of horror. You’d better book a table in the restaurant.

“High seas: New victim” (The Reef), 2010 If your boat sinks in waters teeming with sharks, you have two options. Unfortunately, none of them is good.

“Sinister” (Sinister), 2012 In their new home hero discovers the mystique and cache that stores videos of gruesome murders. Could there be something worse than the home movies?

“Elect” (The Chosen), 2015 something evil is inside of a young Angie. Now her family has to sacrifice himself so she could live. Puberty is a real pain.

Netflix is one of the world’s largest streaming video service that provides movies and TV shows by subscription. The company was founded in 1997. From the beginning of 2016, Netflix has started providing services in Russia.

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