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Named the most influential women in 2016. Photo

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. ФотоIn their hands lies great power.

June 6, Forbes published a ranking of the most influential women in the world. This year it did not include the stars of show business — not in the list of TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres, actress Emilia Clarke, who starred in the popular TV series “Game of thrones”, actress Angelina Jolie and singer Taylor swift appeared in the rankings a year ago. Of the more serious losses of rating — founder of biotech startup Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, whose status after accusations of fraud and subsequent collapse in the value of its company, Forbes zeroed. The list also left former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and suspended this year from the government because of corruption charges, the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff.

However, in it there are beginners — only 20 people, including seven leaders, five CEOs, two billionaires, three of the judges of the Supreme court of the United States. Among the Russians in the ranking of the most influential women was only the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, who took it 56-e a place.

First place again is the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. The rankings take into account the finances (personal wealth, revenue, GDP), citation, sphere of influence and the degree of influence on the industry.
In the photo gallery — top ten ranking and his Russian party.

1. Angela Merkel

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

The Federal Chancellor, Germany
Age: 61
Place of residence: Berlin, Germany
Marital status: married

11 times Merkel took first place in the annual ranking of the most influential women according to Forbes. She is the first female politician in Europe, in power for 16 consecutive years. Merkel helped the country to cope with the recession during the global crisis and was saved from collapse the economy weak link of the Eurozone — Greece. Even broke out in Europe, the refugee crisis, which was hit hardest by Germany, has not shaken the position of Merkel in the rating of influential women.

The most influential women of the world-2016-Forbes

2. Hillary Clinton

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

The candidate in US presidents
Age: 68
Residence: Chappaqua, new York
Marital status: married
Children: one daughter
Clinton first came on the second place ranking after the announcement of the participation in the presidential race in 2016. Today it remains the most likely candidate from the Democratic party. If Clinton becomes the first female President of the United States, this is not her first major achievement — she’s the only first lady who became a Senator in the U.S. Congress, a candidate for the presidency, and then its Secretary.

The Clinton memoir “Hard choices”, released in 2014, became a bestseller in the book she talks about her tenure as Secretary of state.

Clinton’s popularity among voters has shaken is that even a scandal with her mail, when Hillary was accused that, being the head of the state Department from 2009-2013, she, contrary to the rules, use private email, not public, setting a personal server at home. Because of this state of the letters, could be subjected to hacker attacks or fall into the hands of foreign intelligence services. Clinton publicly admitted his mistake.

In 2014, Clinton first became a grandmother when her daughter Chelsea gave birth to baby girl Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

3. Janet Yellen

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

The Chairman of the Federal reserve system
Age: 69
Place of residence: Washington
Marital status: married
Janet Yellen becoming the first woman on a post of the Chairman of the Federal reserve system.

Yellen is opposed to the idea of some members of the Congress to conduct the first ever comprehensive audit of the fed. “Central Bank independence in conducting monetary policy is considered best practice for Central Bank around the world, retorted the head of the regulator. — Scientific research, I think, left no doubt that independent Central banks work better”.

First term Yellen will expire in February 2018.

4. Melinda Gates

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

Foundation co-chair Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Age: 51
Residence: Medina, Washington
Marital status: married
Children: three

Melinda gates is one of the world leaders in philanthropy. Since its inception, the Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, allocated more than $33 billion in grants. Gates believes that it is necessary to organize events for the target audience, monitoring data and establish the global cooperation between countries and funds. She personally determines the direction of development of the Fund and evaluates the effectiveness. Now one of the main issues which concerned her Foundation — the health of women in developing countries, women’s equal rights and opportunities for women’s education around the world.

By order of the spouses for 20 years after the death of the last co-founder of all funds must be spent and the Fund will close down. Now gates is investing $17.5 million in the solution of the crisis of migrants from the Middle East.

5. Mary Barra

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

The President Of General Motors
Age: 54
Place of residence: Novi, Michigan
Marital status: married
Children: two

The first female CEO of automaker, Mary Barra has moved the second year is the fifth place of the ranking of the most influential women according to Forbes. The reason — in her success as head of GM. Barr was appointed in January 2014 and has passed a very difficult first year: a few months after taking office, she participated in trials, — a company accused in the deaths of 74 and wounding 126 people — sanctioned opinion on 30 million cars and kept the pressure of investors who demanded the return of money to shareholders. In October Barra introduced the company’s development strategy in the future, the result of Cadillac needs to become a global luxury brand, made a big bet on sales growth in China and technological innovation. Under the leadership of Barra, GM has been in a financial discipline, she was not afraid of difficult decisions, such as the closure of offices in Russia, Australia, Indonesia or the withdrawal of Chevrolet brand from Europe due to low profitability. Barra, a veteran GM with 35 years of experience, started working in the company in 18 years, while studying electrical engineering at the University.

6. Christine Lagarde

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

The managing Director of the International monetary Fund
Age: 60
Residence: Washington, DC
Marital status: not married
Children: two

The first woman at the head of the financial organization, with a membership of 188 countries. 19 Feb 2016 she was re-elected to this post. Most of the first years of its work it conducted in the fight against the financial crisis. Now Lagarde predicts a 3.5 percent annual global growth of the world economy. These figures she calls “a mediocre performance” and believes that slow growth is part of the “new reality”.

Lagarde actively protects the rights of working women. “All countries will be able to save money and increase productivity, if women will have access to the labour market, — said the head of the IMF. Is not just a question of morality, of philosophy or of equal opportunities. It is a question of causal relations in the economy. Don’t need a great mind to understand it”. Lagarde was born in France, worked as a lawyer in the field of labor relations and antitrust policy in the United States before to take the post of Minister of Finance of France.

7. Sheryl Sandberg

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

COO Facebook
Age: 46
Place of residence: Atherton, California
Marital status: widowed
Children: two

In Facebook Sheryl Sandberg is responsible for sales, marketing, business development, personnel and communications. Under her leadership, the company improved their performance and have changed the strategy of working with mobile applications. She became the first woman on the Board of Directors of the company.

Two years ago she became the author of the bestseller “don’t be afraid to act”, which received the support of many famous women. After the book appeared, thousands of followers of the philosophy of Sandberg, the sequel of “don’t be afraid to act — for graduates”, and Sony Pictures has made its consent to the shooting of the film based on the book. In may 2014, Sandberg became a member of the initiative ” The Giving Pledge, promising to give at least half of his fortune to charity.
In may 2015, Sandberg lost her husband, Dave Goldberg, head of the online service SurveyMonkey surveys.

8. Susan Wojcicki

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

President YouTube
Age: 47
Citizenship: United States
Marital status: married
Children: four

Google has emerged and earned Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park. In February 2014, she left the post of Advisor to General Director Google in advertising and trade and led the world’s largest video platform. It was she who in 2006 advocated the acquisition of YouTube, which cost Google $1.65 billion Since the cost of the video platform increased by 12 times.

9. Margaret Whitman

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Age: 59
Citizenship: United States
Marital status: married
Children: four
At the end of 2015 Whitman was headed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Hewlett-Packard, one of the oldest in the market of it companies with revenues of $52 billion, November 1, 2015 made section, which was prepared more than a year. Since the announcement about the section in October of 2014 and until the end of October 2015, the value of the shares of HP fell by 17%. As an independent company Hewlett Packard Enterprise dedicated enterprise business — servers, data centers, networking solutions and consulting. At the same time separated part behaves as the main company. Her remains 80% of the number of staff, a wide product range from servers and network equipment to corporate and technical support. Before the separation, Whitman took over as CEO of the entire Corporation, and before that from 1998 to 2008, was CEO and President of eBay.

10. Ana Patricia Botin

Названы самые влиятельные женщины 2016 года. Фото

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the financial group Santander
Age: 55
Citizenship: Spain
Marital status: married
Children: three
In 2014, Ana Patricia Botin was one of the most powerful women in banking, as head of the largest Bank in the Eurozone. She took the post of Chairman of the Board after his father’s death from a heart attack. In recent years the Bank has been criticized because of shortcomings of the service, so the first thing they did Botin — introduced new programs for customers. Thanks to her efforts, the Bank now can be done, for example, operations with cryptocurrency. The situation in Brazil and the UK, where there are Bank branches, can greatly undermine his position. In may 2016, Botin hastened to assure customers that the Bank will remain in the UK even if the country decides to leave the European Union.

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