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“Naftogaz” has decided to reduce the cost of gas for the oligarchs

"Нафтогаз" решил снизить стоимость газа для олигархов

Beginning of April will be marked by a decrease in the minimum gas price for large industrial consumers, in short, for the oligarchs. From 1 April the cost of natural gas for this category of Ukrainians will be lower by 1.1% compared with the previous month this year. “Business capital” reports that instead of 7 342 USD per thousand cubic meters now, the oligarchs will pay 7 258 USD per thousand cu m. it is Noted that the maximum gas price for industrial consumers will grow – it will remain at 8 385 USD per thousand cubic meters.

Interesting is the fact that the population of Ukraine promised from April 1 increase in the cost of natural gas — the minimum rate will increase. It is planned that the population and the enterprises Teplokommunenergo will pay 53% more than in the past. Instead of 3 thousand 600 UAH with VAT expected to 5 thousand 500 UAH including VAT. At least, this forecast was made by the head of the national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities Dmitry Vovk. According to the Minister of energy and coal industry Volodymyr Demchyshyn, who recently commented on this issue, so far the Cabinet has not made any decision regarding the increase of gas prices for the population.

The issue of increasing gas prices for ordinary Ukrainians — only a matter of time, even if it’s not going to happen on 1 April, the government will raise rates a bit later. But cheaper gas for the oligarchs once again confirms who is in power and in whose interests operates and implements laws and adopt resolutions.

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