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Nabiullina: the increase in productivity will spur economic growth

Набиуллина: повышение производительности подстегнет экономический рост

Outside — April. The dollar, which in January was 80, now on a mark of 67. Those who took a mortgage in the currency or buys goods and services abroad, you can breathe more freely. But for most even more important is the availability of loans in rubles. By the end of April the Central Bank will once again Mature to take decision on interest rate size. About this “Vesti on Saturday” said the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina.

— Elvira Nabiullina, don’t you think that by lowering the rate, you could boost the economy?

Is the illusion that rapid cuts in key interest rates, despite rising inflation, to spur economic growth. The effect can be very short term. Measures of monetary policy can do little. The main thing to do to spur economic growth is to increase productivity. Needed a whole set of structural reforms, improving the investment climate. All of this should affect economic growth.

— How to make mortgages more affordable for the population at different levels? Talked about this at the meetings of Vladimir Putin and in the government. Will they continue to drop mortgage rates?

— Program to support the mortgage, which is accepted by the government, in my opinion, very effective. Now mortgage rates are really reduced and gradually came to the level of two years ago. As inflation, as they reduce the key rate will decrease. Now for the interesting banks mortgage.

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