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Mysterious oligarch is investing $ 20 million in banks of Ukraine

Таинственный олигарх инвестирует 20 млн долларов в банки Украины

Shareholder of the Bank and Fidobank Alexander Adarich announced the intention of banks to consolidate banking assets, and plans to attract foreign investors.

However, with investing in Ukraine at the moment is difficult. Instability in the economy, and hostilities, do not have to invest in Ukraine. But, as it turned out, not all adhere to such opinion. The mystery investor, which, as it was known then, is a Kazakh businessman, decided to invest 20 million dollars in the development of the United Bank established on the basis of Fidobank and eurobank.

Kazakh group of companies headed by rope Abievym will invest in the development of new Bank Association. New Kazakh investor virtually nothing is known. There is only information that he was one of the investors Bank and Bank RBK — loved banking Association family of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.As Kanat Abiev — owner of the supermarket “Magnum”.

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