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Mother of Jeanne Friske shocking first interview

Мать Жанны Фриске шокировала общественность первым интервьюOlga Kopylova first talked with reporters after their daughter’s death.

Olga, mother of the deceased Russian singer Zhanna Friske starred in the show of Andrey Malakhov’s Tonight.

Despite the activity of her husband, who constantly spoke to reporters, Olga Vladimirovna year did not give interviews. During the transfer, which was aired on the Russian channel on 15 June, a woman almost made a confession before the public.

Mother of the singer Zhanna Friske, who died of cancer June 15, 2015, to talk about the events of the past three years, which was a lot of tragic and happy moments, writes hellomagazine.com. Also the woman personally arranged for the journalists of the First channel a tour of the Moscow apartment of the singer, in which the disease Zhanna nobody lives.

Olga Vladimirovna has denied the rumors that Joan knew about the disease still being pregnant:

She didn’t know about the disease during pregnancy – otherwise she would not give birth. It happened June 7, we drove from the clinic, where did Plato get vaccinated. There was rain, lightning, unexpectedly, Jeanne grabbed his head: “Mom, I have a terrible headache!“ Barely got home… 2 days she was on the pill, and then we were advised to do MRI.“

As Jeanne found out about the disease:

“She got sick in June, the diagnosis we found out in the fall. Dima came to our house and said that Jeanne has cancer. It was in the fall, we all believed that pass. We get to the end, until the last day believed that she will. Especially when March 15, 2014, when the Petoskey wasn’t, he took his first steps, took mom by the hand and led for the first time in a long time, she got to her feet. They came together in the kitchen – boy, who just begins to walk, and his mother, who stood for the first time after an illness.“

About the possible reaction of Joan that Dmitry did not allow her son to see her parents:

If she were healthy, she would kick him out. And that’s all. I say this for sure. I saw in her eyes the love for him, and I can’t say… It’s the humiliation of the family, her name. And our side, of course, to blame, and Dima…“.

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