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Most hated Duma

Самая ненавистная Дума

Such outright anger experienced by citizens to elected representatives at the previous convocation of the Parliament

Over the Duma in Russia, it seems, always laughed: the over pre-revolutionary that on new, emerging in modern Russia. The question remains is that about boyar, but her account is a strong suspicion, no wonder that the language was preserved the expression about the work of “slipshod” long boyar’s coat.
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However, the current Duma managed to break a century of tradition: above it ceased to mock, and many began sincerely to hate. Perhaps this is the main result of almost five years of work of the Parliament. Let me also remind you that this is the first Duma, with which Russia can’t leave for five years: the former worked for four years. Cost, however, to increase her legal right to end up with a violation of the Constitution to cut them for three months. As they say, “N — sequence”.

However, it is certainly not in different terms. Just remember, what was the previous Duma memorable: “Parliament — not a place for discussion” — rapped immediately logged on (or rather caught) in the story of Boris Gryzlov. As for the current Duma definition born without the help of deputies, easily complementing the previous one: “Enraged printer”.

Of course, before the deputies and the lower chamber did not use flattering adjectives. Everyone is added about “ward number six”, and the classic “Russia, you gone crazy” Yuri Karjakin after the election in 1993 I’m sure others will go into the textbooks.

It was mournful of the speaker Ruslan Khasbulatov: “Comrades deputies, do not behave like dinosaurs, and the famous caricature of the “Head with fresh sawdust required?” (question Winnie the Pooh, included in the Kremlin): it was. But such outright anger experienced by citizens from their own elected representatives, I don’t remember.

However, the result is logical: what started as a lie, could lead to nothing else. This is because the elections to the Duma, we owe a meme “146%”, which departed the untimely resignation of Vladimir Churov promised to sue the journalists. But something was not sued.

Rallies “For fair elections”, Bolotnaya square and Sakharov Avenue, “any other party”: this is the beginning of the current Duma. In the throes of a nascent civil society was crushed, the end of the rallies came on may 6, and those who took advantage of the protest, “Duma opposition” and noticed where the wind blows, quickly replaced the white ribbons on St. George.

It is a betrayal of the voters and became the beginning of the end. It began with a, sorry for the high style, and the moral downfall of the legislators. First had to change ourselves in small things, just to start saying a different word than the election. And then the ball of conscience went off the rails. I have often said this and will say it again: the angle of this slant was immediately after the “law of scoundrels”, “the law of Dima Yakovlev” (terrible cynicism, if you think about it). Then the Duma was imposed on the document banning the adoption of orphans in the United States in retaliation for the Magnitsky list. MPs fought back, saying passionate speech on the committees, but in the end dutifully clicked the button. Didn’t stop them, even a scandal, when properties entered in the database of the Duma of the bill it became clear that he wrote it not in Parliament, and in the Old square.

That law was the first in a series is not just useless, lobbying or stupid: he became the first openly harmful, deliberately worsening the life of citizens of Russia, and simply kill the children.

All, since the deputies were broken. The soil was prepared the election: when you instead of the voters are employees of the election commissions with agile and work-worn hands, hard to say no to an offer impossible to refuse. But it is also profitable. Like in the old old song of Galich, was silent, was easy to get in the Pervatsch, and rich, and butchers.

Further laws can not list most of them anyway at the hearing, with the consequences that we face every day: the musician playing on the street, arrested for organizing a rally, it will close the website with millions of hits, then put anyone for a repost or beaten especially in the legal field. It is funny, though what really is a laugh: to me, as is the case with the recent “ban on the import of medicines,” have to explain that no, members have not lost human form and are not banned and allowed, and not all drugs, just steroids. But society is absolutely ready to believe in the animal cruelty from the Council: that, however, makes this all possible.

The plant is for peaceful rallies, of course. Beating prisoners is easy. To shoot at women — no problem, vote. To destroy the connection with international business law on “personal data” — do tell!

And add fresh “Spring law”, which offers to jail for pupils from the age of 14 — not only terrorism, but also, for example, “misprision of felony”. Victor stole a piece of gum, boasted Pete, he ran to the police — prison. No better and the requirement to keep all our correspondence six months (reduced from three years). To providers went bankrupt, and the major knew all of our secrets, shopping lists and seals. It’s not crazy, it’s the system. Police state looks that way.

Above is only the tip of the iceberg, each of us are faced with the fruits of this Council — and will face again and again. In fact, come to the store and ask why it is so expensive products? Answer — “anti-sanctions” that the Parliament never thought, at my suggestion, cancel.

And that the Duma had not been raised neither a question of public importance (except that the doping scandal, and he curses against the West someone), I do not say. Parliament deliberately refused to be a Parliament had not held any parliamentary investigation, did not protect the interests of their constituents (although it is clear that the true voters of this Duma is not in the regions and in the center of Moscow).

I will end, probably surprisingly, however, need to think (but not this). Successful developed countries in their welfare based on the Parliament. Cancel it and there will be only absolute monarchy, which we also offer. The problem is that we now have of Parliament. Building on Okhotny Ryad is, the people in it, and of Parliament — no. The Parliament is the power, this independence, the struggle of opinions and defending his position. All items in the current Duma — dash. Because Russia is in such deep crisis that the Duma approve in the paralysis of everything that comes to it from above and from the side.

Until such time as we ourselves will not need a Parliament until we’re ready to come to the polls and defend their votes, we will not be able to emerge from the crisis. 86% doesn’t exist: is, we, citizens of Russia, — and the point. The tale of the modernization of the iron hand is not working. In the twenty-first century is simple: democracy or death. The choice is ours!

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