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Moreover, Prime L is the year the smartphone

Finally, the long-awaited summer around all blossoms, and fragrant flowers. Sunny mood succumbed not only nature, but also the Russian company Highscreen, which has decided to please buyers with its new, really old, smartphone. Prime L turned out slim, stylish and vibrant, but if you suddenly get tired of its color, movement of the hand phone can be “repainted”.

Box, however, appearance does not particularly stands out from other products of the company: it is made of white cardboard with a schematic representation of the device and indication of its main advantages.

But inside the owner Prime L will have a pleasant surprise: besides the camera, charger, microUSB cable and a good headphone, there are also three interchangeable lids: bright orange, calming blue and classic black colors. All matte cap and resisting the appearance of prints from the fingers, the coating of black is slightly different.

You are tired of the phone, gathered a lot of scratches, I want something bright? It is enough just to change the cover, and in the hands of a new device that looks quite different. Together with the cover change, by the way, and control keys. I liked the orange color is a small piece of the sun in the daily dullness of life. The Assembly is made on the “five” – no squeaks or backlash, the caps are fixed very securely. The only criticism is the lack of a special slot in order to pry them during installation.

We’ve learned that phones Highscreen “chubby” and “heavy”, the hero of today’s review, on the contrary, “slim” and “light”. When the diagonal size of 5 inches, weight 145 g, dimensions 72×143.5×8.3 mm. to Hold and manage Prime L comfortably with one hand, and the pocket he is not delaying.

In terms of controls and connectors of surprises should not wait: touch keys located below the screen, volume buttons and lock on the right side, at the top there is audio Jack on the bottom – a microphone and microUSB, offset to the right. In the back, flush with the surface, is a round lens of the camera, under it – led flash, the bottom grid of the main speaker with small bumps to the sound we heard when the phone lies on the table face up. In the center of the cover inflicted indelible logo of the manufacturer.

The front surface fully covered with a protective glass Asahi. Let them not be misled by the little known brand – protects from scratches it’s not worse than the Gorilla Glass. On glass has an oleophobic coating, so fingerprints are easily removed. Under the glass is a 5-inch IPS screen with HD resolution. The display is made by technology in-Cell, and hence there correspond to the air gap and a separate touch layer. Thanks to this “trick” used in all modern high-end devices, it is possible to reduce the thickness and improve image quality. The viewing angles are pretty good: the colors are not changed when the deviation of the sight at 45 degrees from the vertical axis, and the image remains visible almost at the unfolded angle. There is an automatic brightness adjustment, at the maximum value which the content remains readable in bright Sunny weather. Contrast and saturation is also very decent. The resolution, though not high, but the “looseness” of fonts to eyes does not rush, and resources to work with such a screen requires much less. The sensor is sensitive, recognizes up to five touches of false positives was observed. In General, we can say that for its price, the screen is at Prime L deserves the highest praise, and not all devices, even the higher class have comparable display quality.

Works Highscreen Prime L Quad core processor MiediaTek MTK 6753 processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, the graphics is Mali-T720, and helps them 2 GB of RAM. Such bundles would be enough to “pull” Full HD videos and all the latest games, albeit not at maximum settings. The interface works without lags. In synthetic test AnTuTu smartphone 32381 gaining points. For information storage provides 16 GB of internal memory and removable memory card.

The device has two slots for microSIM 3G and LTE each. Russian network catches confidently and not lose the signal. In addition there are standard Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS/ GLONASS and FM radio. The sound very clean and loud, but the main speaker is a bit weak.

Highscreen Prime L has two cameras, 8 MP and 5 MP. The main is equipped with autofocus and flash, in daylight it is capable of delivering fairly high-quality image with high detail and no noise. However, when the sun hide behind the horizon, as the photo quality drops sharply, and the built-in noise reduction mercilessly reshapes the picture. Pleased with the presence in the Appendix burst, several creative modes, filters and manual settings. You can also make animated gifs and to scan QR codes. Video is shot at medium quality format FullHD. Frontalka copes with selfi and video communication.

Prime L came out elegant and light, with a positive impact on the appearance and ergonomics, but negative for life time. Unfortunately, a larger battery from their counterparts this unit does not inherited: it has a removable battery is only 2300 mAh and it’s high enough for a day of active use, and it enabled conserve. FulHD-video you can watch about 6 hours to play in the modern game is about 3.5, and continuously listen to music for 8 hours. In the test of autonomy, the phone dials the middle “in the district” 5850 points. To fully charge takes about two hours. If you are planning a long trip, it is necessary to bring PowerBank.

The smartphone has a virtually untouched Android 5.1 without shells, decorations and additional software. On the one hand, this means that you need to devote a couple hours of your time configuring the device, and on the other – will be far less “loose” and a lot more free space in memory. The exceptions can be attributed only to the presence of applets that perform the update over the air, gesture support, multiple smart features and slightly changed the menu structure.

Prime L is a great budget phone for 10 000 rubles, for those who are not willing to spend money on expensive flagships, but who need a reliable electronic companion for every day. Android, 2 LTE SIM card, good ergonomics, great screen, good hardware and camera allow the smartphone to handle most everyday tasks, making it a high quality “workhorse”. And using the supplied interchangeable sockets, you can make your life brighter and more diverse. Highscreen Prime L – ideal combination of price and available options.

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