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Moody’s closes JV with Russian “Interfax”

Moody’s closes JV with Russian “Interfax”

Moody’s закрывает российское СП с «Интерфаксом»Photo: AFP

Rating Agency Moody’s announced intention to withdraw the ratings of all Russian companies on the national scale, has its structure, Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency, until the end of 2016, the Agency said.

The decision was made in connection with changes in the legislation of Russia and other restrictions on activities, including in connection with the requirements on structural and operational autonomy that may limit the ability of Moody’s to use global resources, the report says.

Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency — Russian rating Agency, assigns ratings on a national scale. After review of all ratings assigned by Moody’s Interfax, 49% of the capital of which belong to the group of “Interfax”, co Moody’s and Interfax will cease to exist.

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