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Monopoly on the inventory


The state monopolizes the cadastral valuation of the
Rustem Falyakhov, Pavel Chernyshov

Монополия на кадастр

Gribovsky A. and D. Chernov /photo chronicle of TASSR. 1940. Farmers shall be measured and dividing the land

Citizens, dissatisfied with the results of cadastral valuation of their land plots, and villas, houses and apartments, will be able to reassess. This will reduce the amount of tax paid. The bill, the government will approve by the end of March, found “Газета.Ru”. And because it comes into effect on 1 January 2017.

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The draft law on state cadastral evaluation, prepared by the Ministry of economic development last fall, should be finalized and approved by the government before the end of March, reported “Газете.Ru” a senior Federal official.

In the spring session it is planned to submit the document to the deputies of the state Duma. The law will come into force on 1 January 2017. But so far only a few pilot regions, said the official. For the other regions will be a transition period that will last until 2020.

Recall from the cadastral value, in particular land tax is calculated, and identifies the amount of lease payment for land plots being in state and municipal property, and the prices for land sales.

The tax rate, under current law, is 0.1–2%.

State monopoly

In the bill three key innovations. First — only the government has the right to conduct cadastral valuation of land and valuation of real estate for individuals. Such a right government will receive from 2017.

Монополия на кадастр


Now it’s right there from private companies and the state. The bill will legalize the transfer of cadastral valuation of private companies in state budgetary establishment (GBU).

The most obvious disadvantages of this Novella — the monopolization of the whole industry and affiliation, according to the participants of the real estate market. “The regional authorities will establish evaluation GBU and then, they will argue the results,” says Emil Vildanov, Deputy Director of “Vector investments”.

Another disadvantage is the creation of numerous state-financed entity with a permanent staff, which goes against the decisions of the country leaders about reducing the number of officials.

“Full Orgy”

The second innovation of the bill — will be fundamentally altered the method of valuation of land and real estate.

“Now with the cadastral valuation of land there is a complete Orgy. The Federal registration service and the courts are full of complaints of citizens on an inadequate assessment of the land plots. There are cases when cadastral valuation used for tax purposes, exceeds the market value of the same land,” says the Federal official.

In order to protect citizens from risks, the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov instructed to unify valuation rules and implement the common assessment methodology. “Now cadastral valuation is carried out by companies which during the proceedings on the complaints of the citizens not always can find,” says the official.

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As explained in the Ministry of economic development, “is expected to resolve the existing problems of cadastral valuation, primarily associated with the lack of information”. Items the Ministry does not disclose.

Монополия на кадастр


What kind of information is not enough evaluators for adequate examination, explained “Газете.Ru” the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Alexander Chuprakov. The main source of information now is a state cadastre of real estate. But it does not always contain information that directly affects the calculation of indicators is the data on the year of constructions, degree of wear, the material of the walls, etc.

“To fill the gaps, evaluators should request the missing features from municipalities, various agencies, and then compared and compiled in a single layer obtained from different data sources. This Titanic work, which under force not all appraisal organizations,” says Chuprakov, believing that the transfer of cadastral valuation exclusively to the state measure is logical.

Irate citizens

Finally, the bill will be approved indicators of the real estate market. On their basis it will be possible to overestimate the ground in case if the market, for example, has fallen and the value of land decreased.

“It is important for the current conditions, when the cadastral assessment conducted in previous years, no longer reflect market realities,” adds Federal official.

Монополия на кадастр


All three innovations, the authorities were planning to introduce in 2016. But with the bill delayed, not have any indicators to monitor the market dynamics nor the technique of an estimation of real estate. Citizens, meanwhile, began to actively challenge the results of the cadastral and inventory assessment.

As explained “Газете.Ru” in the Building, the reasons for contesting the nationals of the outcome of the appraisal of objects may be two. If the cadastral value is higher than the market, it is the basis for the appeal in the regional commissions of the Federal registration service or to the court for revision of cadastral cost. The second basis for the revision of the cadastral value — incorrect information about the property such as wrong size.

In 2015 the commissions on consideration of disputes on results of definition of cadastral cost, created with bodies, considered applications in respect of more than 49 thousand objects of real estate.

In the end, the decision to revise the market value taken for the 21 346 real estate listings, about the impossibility of change of the cadastral value – in relation to 15 825 objects. The remaining complaints is pending.

Only after citizens began to challenge the valuation of land and real estate, came the President’s order the government to establish job evaluation mechanisms for the adequate administration of the property tax. Deadline — by October 1, 2016. In the President’s order did not contain proposals to transfer the cadastral valuation of real estate the state. But Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev supported the proposal of the party “United Russia” to amend the legislation on the state cadastral valuation, at least for citizens.

The ruble is waiting for redistribution

In the list of pilot regions where the law socience will come into force next year — the Moscow region. Here, according to the Moscow regional Bureau of technical inventory, are concentrated 11.3 million of real estate objects and land plots. This is 9% of the total number of capital construction objects in Russia, which puts the region in the lead. Not to mention the fact that in the suburbs owned by the citizens are the most costly land.

In the Moscow region in 2016 and the average tax amount for a one-bedroom apartment will be only 350 rubles, two-room – 1100 roubles, three – room- 1760 roubles to Owners of residential buildings with an area of about 200 sq m will be required to pay to the budget an average of 10 800 RUB.


What is the cadastral valuation of land plots in the Moscow region, can be found by visiting the website of Rosreestr. And the cost of capital construction objects (various buildings, apartments, houses, garages, etc.) in the suburbs have calculated the Moscow regional BTI at the end of 2015. To know the cadastral cost of any suburban hut (if she was the registered owner) you can also on the website of Rosreestr in the section “reference information on objects of real estate”, for this you will need to enter the cadastral number.

To use the new method of calculation of cadastral cost will be the owners of all objects, even if they live in the pilot regions. You need to keep in mind that in every region of the cadastral valuation shall be the decision of the regional authorities with varying frequency. Current law establishes state cadastral valuation may be conducted no more often than once in three years and not less than once in five years. With the exception of cities of Federal significance (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sevastopol) — there have the power to assess property not more often than once in two years.

But it seems that the authorities have the firm intention to bring the market valuation to the reality as quickly as possible. If not for the parliamentary elections, then at least to presidential election that will take place in two years.

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