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Modern medicine could save Presley and Marx

Современная медицина могла бы спасти Пресли и Маркса

The singer feared the army, because they believed that the audience during his service, forget it. Therefore, when in 1958 he was enrolled in a Panzer division, discussed with the management the opportunity to go to write new records.

Rock-n‑roll and drugs

The army years had left a strong imprint on his life. To combine the duties of military service with the choir, the musician took drugs, I was able to sleep several days in a row.

At first, Elvis was convinced that easily “let go” when the service is over, but there it was. To remove the excitation from the concerts, needed a strong soothing and to give a boost to the beginning of the following speeches – drugs.

Then Elvis started to gain weight, and you’re medication for weight loss.

Missed opportunities

Rejecting the recommendation to seek help for addiction, he began to carefully study the annotations to drugs, trying to avoid overdose. But “regular” doctors Elvis continued to visit – firstly, they prescribed him powerful drugs, and secondly, it was worried about high blood pressure, pain in the liver and intestines. He is unlikely to observe necessary in these cases, the diet, but did everything to aggravate the situation: drank lots of whiskey, was immoderate in eating, chronically enough sleep and was constantly under stress.

When the singer was found dead in the bathroom, millions of fans experienced this tragedy.

Recently in America, has launched its “DNA of dead celebrities”. And after some time the public became aware of the results of the study of the genome Presley. The singer was discovered mutation in the gene that is responsible for the arrangement of muscle fibers in the myocardium: one of the forms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. And it is in this form of death at a young age can be avoided. And if Presley has recovered from drug and substance abuse, adjusted the diet and reduced the number of concerts he would have lived for many years.

A modern approach

In this disease with antibiotics, skin is treated with antiseptic solutions. Help dry heat, and physical therapy. If timely treatment to the doctor the recovery occurs within 7-14 days, although not exclude the possibility of recurrence.

Karl Marx

The founder of the famous teachings enamored with their health. Even “the Capital” begins with reports of longstanding illness, because of which the author was forced again and again to interrupt your work.

Proletarian disease

For the first time about their skin problems Marx mentions in the letters of 1862. According to his doctors, they were carbuncles and boils. In correspondence with Engels thinker jokingly called boils “the proletarian disease”.

But then the state Marx deteriorated due to self-medication: he started Smoking (and tobacco at one time was considered to be a therapeutic agent). When he suffered from liver disease, he drank a triple dose popular pills calomel (mercury drug with choleretic and laxative effect). Sometimes resorted to starvation – the German way to get rid of boils. During this time the skin inflammation has reached an enormous size and brought great pain. Caring for the husband of Jenny for days did not leave his bed.

The bourgeoisie and carbuncles

Painful condition called depression. But Marx forced myself to sit at a Desk. According to Engels, articles written by a friend during illness, particularly political urgency. And Marx himself sarcastically declared that he hated the bourgeoisie “will remember my carbuncles until the day of judgment”

Modern scholars have been drawn to the fact that doctors who treat Marx, has always placed him different diagnoses “carbuncle”, “the boil”. Having carefully studied all the published personal letters, they came to the conclusion that the symptoms they say about has – purulent inflammation of the sweat glands. Cluster of ulcers on the face, scalp, back and other parts of the body, joint pain, pain in the eye (all this Marx also complained in letters), of course, often developed in isolation from each other, but all together they occur when has.

It is interesting that in those days was already described suppurative hydradenitis, but it was in France, and Marx in the period he lived in London exile. Information is slowly being exported to other countries, and English patients treated in the old way.

A modern approach

This pathology doctors are already well studied, as in a quarter of all cases of sudden death of young athletes is to blame for this diagnosis. The disease lends itself to therapeutic treatment, but in some cases resorting to surgery. The prognosis is favorable.

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