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Migraine treatment at home

Лечение мигрени в домашних условияхHow to relieve migraines without medication independently.

Migraine is a neurological disease, which quite often goes to the man inherited. Unfortunately, to cure her, but it is possible to “negotiate”. Each person has its own frequency of headaches in migraine – for some it’s “guest” happens only once a year, and for someone – the daily unpleasant “visitor”.

When the attacks become more frequent, doctors recommend to perform the recent events in my life and for myself to clarify what difficulties, unsolved problems, General malaise, triggered the migraine.
Doctors explain this as the fact that in the brain, due to spasm of blood vessels are highlighted in serotonin, histamine, adrenaline. And during the attack the blood vessels dilate excessively and thus a certain area of the brain swells, causing the man severe pain.

Migraine symptoms will depend on which part of the brain affected. This may manifest with reduction of vision and hearing; paralysis or weakness of limbs; slowing of speech.

How to get rid of migraines and is there a possibility to prevent the attack? Physicians are advised to monitor the attack in the very beginning when the first pressure signal and try to sleep – there is a chance that the attack will retreat, not speeding.

If the attack is coming during the working day, and there is no possibility to lie down, is to crush the medicine that your doctor orders for such cases. Most likely it will be aspirin askofen. As a variant approach of strong coffee. Disable all sounds (including the phone) and try to take cover for some time in a dark deserted room at least half an hour. If possible, banish the bad and disturbing thoughts and relax.

Reassess your life priorities and goals that you have set yourself. Remember, when your brain fails, then you have overloaded it.
Try to weed out the wrong goal, to leave one, but most necessary and desirable.

Well, if you have a favorite work, without any stimuli and understanding the family – a perfect combination to feel yourself a happy man, who know little about the anxiety and strain. Remove (at least try) all irritants, give up bad habits, start to adhere to the correct day regimen and a healthy diet. Another problem for the organism – total inactivity of modern man.

During a migraine attack you can ease the pain reflex, taking the infusion of the leaves and stems decoction of raspberry or willow root. If you add in these drugs black tea, the effect will come faster.

It is possible for pain in the head to put the head on fresh lemon peel, pre-clearing it from the peel – so will create another source of irritation, which would divert a migraine. So the foci of irritation of the brain, or balance, or cancel each other out.

To forestall the occurrence of headache is fashionable to drink infusion of oregano. Preparing it is simple: dry grass pour boiling water in a ratio of 300 ml of water 1 tablespoon of oregano, and insist hour. Then strain and drink as a preventive measure three times a day.

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