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Mercedes changes the robots into people

Mercedes меняет роботов на людей

We all have become accustomed to news about how robots are taking away from the people jobs. But, as it turned out, it happens and Vice versa. Bloomberg today reported that Mercedes-Benz started to change some of their robots working live.

As writes the edition, the robots “don’t keep” the level of customization required for the Assembly of new sedans S-class, which only caps tyre valves of four different types, not to mention the various overlays of carbon fiber and holders for glasses with the function to adjust temperature.

However, large-scale robotics in the car industry continues. According to the International Federation of robotics (IFR), for 2013-2014, the number of industrial robots in the automotive industry increased by 43%, and by 2018 in the car factories will work a total of more than 1.3 million vehicles.

However, as noted in his interview with Bloomberg head of production at Mercedes-Benz, even modern robots are only suitable for repeated execution of the same tasks, and their frequent reconfiguration is time-consuming and expensive to implement, it will be more effective to attract people.

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