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Media: the U.S. seeks to increase its arms exports to counter Russia

СМИ: США стремятся нарастить экспорт оружия для противостояния России

The Pentagon is bypassing policy of the U.S. state Department seeks to increase the supply of weapons abroad for the purpose of containment of Russia and China, Politico reports.

“Among States, which the Pentagon wants to help, there are Burkina Faso, where, according to the state Department discriminated against women and used excessive force against prisoners, as well as Tajikistan, where, according to the Agency, torture is widely used and “repression against political activists,” says the author Brian Bender. He noted that recently the state Department about sending aid abroad found out post factum, reports TASS.

Moreover, in the U.S. Congress intend to expand military capabilities in this direction. Diplomats, however, fear that certain steps “would be contrary” to such U.S. interests as the protection of human rights.

According to unnamed employees of the American administration whose opinion is contained in the text, we are talking about the “militarization of foreign policy”. Moreover, in many countries, the U.S. government is now associated with the military who can not wait “to achieve results on the battlefield”.

Former U.S. assistant Secretary of state for political-military Affairs Andrew Shapiro believes that the cause of these tensions within the current administration lies in the slowness of the us state Department, allegedly complained that key military leaders of the United States. The publication also claims that last year the foreign Ministry has banned the Pentagon to train snipers from Belarus, “where there are no free elections, and political dissidents continue to disappear”.

In addition, the Pentagon in General, has such a policy in order to “curb the rising China and resurgent Russia.”

In 2015 the Ministry of defence has spent 11 billion dollars in weapons and training of local armed forces in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the middle East. These programs include sending to these countries weapons and equipment for counterresistance operations and enhance border security.

In early March, the allied commander in Europe, us General Philip Breedlove stated that Russia is an enemy of the United States and represents a long-term threat to the interests of the United States. Similar statements are made and the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter, the presidential candidate of the USA Bernie Sanders and other politicians of the United States.

Meanwhile, Moscow has paid attention of the public that the U.S. sanctions have unleashed the aggression against Russia and carry out large-scale Russophobic propaganda around the world, trying to deflect responsibility for the support of an armed coup in Ukraine and the bloody war in the Donbass. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov stressed that NATO and several European countries blows the myth of “Russian threat”.

A sharp increase in anti-Russian statements by American commanders, according to experts, may say that in this way they want to improve the funding of his Department, noted the newspaper VIEW.

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