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Media: share a secret export of the Russian Federation in the past year rose to 16%

СМИ: доля секретного экспорта РФ в прошлом году выросла до 16%

Export deliveries of Russia under a secret code (SSSS) in 2015 amounted to $56.2 billion About it reports RBC with reference to data of the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation, which has collected the Moscow Center of international trade.

Exports from Russia to U.S. classified articles in 2015 increased 24% to $1.4 billion most secret of goods from Russia in 2015 have been Germany ($9,45 billion), Turkey ($7,63 billion) and Italy ($6.25 billion). Belarus last year received products under the code SSSS on $2.78 billion, Ukraine — $2.14 bln.

In total, more than 16% of last year’s exports of Russia — the highest proportion at least since 2012 — was covered by state secret. The total export in 2015 was $343,4 billion, a decrease of 31% compared to almost $500 billion in the previous year. But the “secret” export fell twice slower.

As noted by RBC, presumably, part of the classified exports to America is a nuclear material. Russia supplies every year in the U.S. in category “inorganic chemicals, compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements or of isotopes” of goods by $1 billion, results in the publication information for the resource Export.gov the Ministry of Commerce.

Under a secret code may be held not only weapons, but also civilian equipment under contracts that are for some reason not advertised, reported the newspaper “Kommersant”, in December 2014 with reference to sources in the customs sphere. According to her, in 2014, under a secret code held the delivery of Boeing 777-300 ER Aeroflot signed a contract in 2011. As a result, “secret” Russian imports from the U.S. rose for $3.5 billion.

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