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“Meadowsweet Terminal” domestic monoblock PC processors “Baikal”

Domestic company “T-Platforms” announced the new desktops “Meadowsweet Terminal” collected on the basis of Russian processors “Baikal T1”. This is not a concept or even a prototype all — in-one already ready for serial production and wait until the guide will give the green light to the start of the conveyor.

Single computer “Meadowsweet Terminal” can be used as workstation or thin client, according to a press release. Alas, domestic hardware specifications desktop class all-in-one, as the saying goes, behind the scenes, and currently it is only known that they have a Full HD screen with a diagonal of 21.5 inches and a matrix IPS, but it is a kind of option as in the near future the PC will be released in the form of a normal system unit.

The manufacturer for some reason focused on the presence of “Meadowsweet Terminal” Gigabit network card, I suppose this is a real achievement. Despite the fact that the characteristics of the Russian candy bars are not named, they can already pre-order. The cost of “Meadowsweet Terminal” is also not voiced, and there is a suspicion that it will be higher than the cost of similar monoblocks from manufacturers. This implies that targets PC data — the Federal Executive authorities, corporate clients and public companies.

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