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Looks like the most impoverished country in the world

You say in Russia everything is bad? That’s where the real bad!
Judge for yourself, life is simply impossible:
– here do not produce even products! No view at all! All are imported from neighbouring countries. Import substitution and does not smell.
– it’s bad enough that gasoline costs 25 cents per liter;
– water is more expensive than gasoline;
– public transport is, in fact, no;
– in the country very high unemployment among citizens, as all the jobs occupied by immigrants and refugees;
– 90% of the country – a total desert, hot and wild here, in fact, all life is concentrated in the capital;
– residents to go in the country of nowhere, to do nothing special, except for the endless shopping malls;
women are unhappy, forced to walk in hijabs, no alcohol, no drugs also;
– show business there;
The entire country is a couple of hundred houses in the desert. Look at the photos, in fact, in the photo the entire living part of the country. The rest – desert, oil and natural gas rigs and offshore platforms and refineries.
Oh, and the airport…

Как выглядит самая нищая страна мира

It is Qatar and its capital Doha.
Here is a country which lives only at the expense of the oil and gas sector and the poor which is the richest country in the world…

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