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Корм для скота

Grain Union of Russia recognized that in the baking industry is increasingly used forage grain intended for animal feed. He called the position of the current practice, and most importantly – almost confirmed that changes to the technical regulations for which this situation will be legalized.

In General, nothing unusual there. Power that has no idea what she needs surplus populations, is objectively interested in creating the conditions under which the population goes somewhere else will resolve. Today this is also the crisis is largely man-made, and to a significant extent created with “this side”. The budget deficit will grow significantly due to this the population – Yes, actually, already updated via cancellation of indexation of pensions, the introduction of taxes on air and other inventions of the creative thoughts of the officials.

In the grain Union reported that the fault occurring is the current policy under which administrative restrictions on the increase in the price of bread is not accompanied by subsidies to the industry. Which is logical – why would the budget, already overstretched landmark programmes like the world Cup, is spent on tax-paying commoners? It is much easier to legitimize a deterioration in the quality of bread (which was and remains the main product, and for the poorest sectors of the population, which are rapidly growing in numbers thanks to the wise policy of the ruling OPG).

In fact, the crisis is asked to pay the poor – fortunately there are more and more, and then scraping them for a pretty penny or two, it is possible to collect very large sums of money for plugging holes. If, however, this is the certain part of population will become extinct – there is always the magic formula about the “they don’t fit.” Her now to say out loud is not accepted – healthy cynicism is no longer in fashion, in fashion now a reverie about the fate of the people, but on the whole policy of the government hasn’t changed a bit. The bandits may not be public figures – in front of us is just another proof of this fact.

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