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Little known facts about pulp fiction. Photo

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». ФотоThis cult film for 20 years.

This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the film “pulp fiction”, which became one of the most popular films of all time. Can long to extol the artistic merits of the film and the unique style of the Director, but all of this is unnecessary — to understand the appeal of pulp fiction, need it just to see. Then revise. And again to reconsider. And again… And again — the creation of celebrity, one of those blockbusters that never bored.

1. In South Korea, Japan and Slovakia, the film was released earlier than in the USA

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Classics the picture of Quentin Tarantino was first shown in may 1994 at the Cannes film festival. Later, it saw guests from other international festivals around the world — from Munich from Locarno, and only on September 23 at the new York film festival she was able to see the first American audiences. Then the film was released in South Korea, Japan and Slovakia, the first showing the wide American public was held on October 14, after which the film began its journey through the cinemas of other countries.

2. Hare was named in honor of actually existing rabbit

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

The film’s heroine, whose role was brilliantly played by Amanda Plummer, received his nickname in honor of the rabbit Linda Chen — assistant to Quentin Tarantino, perepechatyvali the screenplay, written by Director of the hand. Instead of paying she asked Quentin to follow her pet rabbit named Sweet honey Bunny (eng. Honey Bunny), while she was busy working, however, the Director did not heed to her requests and rabbit after some time died. Tarantino took care of the pet in their own way — his name became the nickname of the girlfriend of the character played by Tim Roth.

3. The events of the plot you can build in strict chronological order

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

At first glance, the non-linear narrative in the movie is pretty messy and confusing, but in the film it is possible to allocate seven basic parts — a prologue, an epilogue, two accession and three main stories, they are easily arranged in chronological order. Hint: the first chronological part — episode with a gold watch, major Coolidge.

4. The film 265 times the word fuck

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

And for Tarantino this is not the limit, say, in his movie Reservoir Dogs (in the Russian hire — “reservoir dogs”) different variations of offensive phrases with the word sound 269 times. However, in 1994, none of the film was not even close to “Pulp fiction” for the number of expletives.

5. The car Vincent VEGA after the film was stolen

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

The hero of John Travolta in the film driving around in a gorgeous convertible, Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu 1964, which belonged to the Director. Shortly after the filming of “Chevy” was stolen, and most recently, in 2013, during the investigation into the theft of another car, the California police stopped in the vicinity of Auckland Chervrolet cherry color, like two drops of water similar to the car from pulp fiction. Later it turned out that this was the same car that was stolen from Tarantino 19 years ago.

6. Budget “Fiction” was only $8.5 million

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

While $5 million went to pay the stellar cast. The picture has paid off in the first week of hire in the United States — just over the weekend, it collected $9.3 million

7. Among released in 1994 films category “R” “pulp fiction” has become the third office in the US

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

In the United States the rating “R” means that children under 17 allowed to view the film unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The creation of Quentin Tarantino gave the blockbuster “True lies” (fees in the U.S. totaled $146.2 million) and the film “Speed” ($121,2 million), while “Fiction” has entered the top ten most grossing films of 1994, the leader among them was “Forrest Gump”, with the result of $329.6 million

8. To raise $100 million, the movie took six months

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Despite the fact that now the “pulp fiction” is considered one of the most iconic paintings in the history of cinema, in the USA the film has collected $100 million in only 178 days of hire. For comparison, the final part of the Saga about Harry Potter it took only two days.

9. The role of Vincent VEGA was originally written for Michael Madsen

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Some actors of the film written by the Director for specific actors — among them Samuel L. Jackson, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer. The Director also intended to use in the painting of character from his previous film “reservoir dogs” Vic VEGA, played by Michael Madsen. However, the actor was unable to take part in “pulp fiction” because of the filming of the Western “Wyatt Earp”.

10. Vincent VEGA is the brother of Mr. Blonde from “reservoir dogs”

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Due to the fact that Madsen could not play the role of Vic VEGA in “pulp Fiction”, Quentin Tarantino tweaked the script, renaming the character in Vincent, according to legend — brother Vic VEGA. In the end, his role was played by John Travolta, from what the picture is, presumably, only win — with all due respect to Michael Madsen, Travolta played the role of an assassin just brilliant.

11. One of the characters, “Fiction” became the prototype of the Stig from Top Gear transmission

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

The authors of claim that hiding the face behind a leather mask gay named liberal Leader who tried to rape the hero of Bruce Willis, has stimulated their thought to enter into the transmission of the mysterious rider, not revealing his identity. It is also expected to name the Leader, but later chose the name Stig.

12. Boxer Butch was supposed to be much younger

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

The young boxer had to play the actor Matt Dillon — Tarantino wrote the role, seeing him in the role of Butch Coolidge, however, Dillon refused to participate in the filming due to lack of time. Harvey Keitel advised the Director to take on the role of Bruce Willis, and Director, thinking, altered the script. The role of a boxer Willis is definitely a success, although initially he wanted to play Vincent VEGA.

13. Tarantino loves vintage Board games, and he reflected this in the movie

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

When Vincent and lance are trying to save MIA Wallace’s overdose, making her a shot of adrenaline in the background are standing on a shelf “Operation” (Operation) and “Life” (The Game of Life). A less known fact — Quentin Tarantino managed to convince John Travolta to play the role of Vince, the whole evening playing with him in “Welcome back, Kotter (Welcome Back Kotter), “grease” (Grease) and “Saturday night Fever” (Saturday Night Fever) — these games Tarantino found a home, the actor, came to him with an offer of the role.

14. The book I was reading Vincent VEGA, a real-life edition

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

The paperback, which enjoys Vince, sitting in the toilet — novel by Peter O’donnell’s “modesty Blaise” created based on his comic book series, which tells about the adventures of a female secret agent. The Director known for his love of this character and comics in 2003, he co-produced the film “the adventures of modesty Blaise” (original — “Quentin Tarantino presents My Name Is Modesty: A Modesty Blaise Adventure”).

15. Uma Thurman was not the first contender for the role of MIA Wallace

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Tarantino chose between several Actresses, MIA could play: Isabella Rossellini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Meg Ryan, Alfre Woodard, Halle berry, Daryl Hannah, Rosanna Arquette, Joan Cusack or Michelle Pfeiffer. It was rumored that the latter was the favorite of the Director.

16. The first posters of the film are worth a lot of money

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

On the first released poster depicts Uma Thurman Smoking a cigarette brand Lucky Strike, however, the film company Miramax are unable to agree with the owner of the brand, therefore the circulation has withdrawn and now these posters are very rare. Those who managed to seize the originals, sell them for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

17. The role of Jules was written specially for Samuel L. Jackson, but he almost did not miss it (photo by Paul Calderon)

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Tarantino wanted Jules played Jackson, but when a trial is Paul Calderon, the Director was so impressed by its harmony in the way that it is almost approved him for the role. Jackson had to fly to Los Angeles to reclaim the role.

18. Captain Kunz is “relative” in another picture Tarantino

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Among the admirers of the Director are of the opinion that the captain Kunz, handing the young Butch a gold watch his father, — himself a descendant of the Mad Craig Kunz, mentioned in the film “Django liberated”, according to the story he’s wanted for murder and robbery.

19. Some scenes from “pulp fiction” was shot by Robert Rodriguez

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Himself Quentin Tarantino, as you know, played in the film role of the boy Jimmy. Being in the way the Director, for obvious reasons, couldn’t follow the filming, so scenes with his participation had to remove Robert Rodriguez. They later collaborated in several other projects such as “From dusk till dawn” and “Grindhouse”.

20. Vince didn’t have to aim to get a shot of adrenaline to the heart

Малоизвестные факты о «Криминальном чтиве». Фото

Shooting the scene in which Vincent VEGA returns MIA Wallace back to life, the Director had to go to the trick. Quentin wanted to look as faithfully as possible, but with scope to get the needle in the right place is quite difficult, especially for a person without medical experience. The scene with the adrenaline shot: first, the syringe stuck in the chest of uma Thurman and then John Travolta pulled it. The footage started in reverse order, so that on the screen it looked as if Vince really stuck a syringe in the heart.

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