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Letter to the editor. Fascism in the hospital Dimitrovgrad, or How to help a dying pensioners

Письмо в редакцию. Фашизм в больнице Димитровграда, или Как помогают умирать пенсионерам

Recently shocked the whole country in case the College Karsun of the Ulyanovsk region. Accused the entire education community that teachers do not work, are raising. Officials have tortured checks all the educational institutions of the Ulyanovsk region!
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And the root of all evil in the system, which is based on power, money and corruption.

Perhaps the problem of cruelty among young people is thriving from the fact that the young generation sees and absorbs daily injustice, the cruelty, the indifference, the indifference of adults.

The younger generation needs to bring up examples of kindness, mercy and involvement, and for this example, typically serve adults – parents, teachers, doctors, officials said.

On Friday 18 March at 15h with an old woman Silkino Vera Grigorevna, the pensioner at the age of 77 years old, disabled since childhood of II group was taken by ambulance, on a stretcher in the hospital reception FBUS KB №172 of FMBA of Russia.

Woman within 3 weeks I felt bad, called the doctor, made an appointment with a neurologist for may (real turn).

Vera G. Silkina is residing with her husband the invalid of I group on Thursday when fell and lay on the floor for several hours and subsequently with a disabled husband were able to get to bed, didn’t get up. The ambulance was called like a pensioner – neighbours. Then I called the only cousin who lives and works in the city of Dimitrovgrad, she helped found the men to a stretcher, the woman lowered from the fourth floor (without Elevator). Where to find men in the city, when they because of unemployment or poverty wages forced on a rotational basis to earn to support a family? The relative appealed to students, young guys 17-19 years, which immediately responded and came to assist an elderly woman with disability.

At the hospital the doctor on duty Vetyutnev Vyacheslav Gennadievich examined the woman and appointed two injections. After some time the health of women has improved slightly, she was able to answer the questions. At this time, the doctor said that she has no stroke, and reason for admission to hospital he can’t see. The question is how do I transport her out of here? The doctor said, brought on a stretcher and carry!!!

In the town of Dimitrovgrad there is no such organization where we could go, to pay and make a woman disabled from the hospital on the stretcher, in addition to the funeral home, agree afraid and not comfortable to call the hearse for a living person…

The doctor said that he does not have the hospital space, he philosophized that all will not regret that it was not all the inhabitants of Dimitrovgrad to treat hypertension. While in the emergency room was a woman who actually provide medical care.

Vera G. begged to help her and the neurologist, but all the doctors at the hospital one approach to patients – all will not regret!

Like the Nazis, the nation needs young, healthy and promising!

Meanwhile the doctor periodically came up and asked you to solve their problems?

Time passed the pain grew stronger, the woman asked that she be given pain medication tablets.

The disabled did cauterized. Before you make a shot, asked her to sign that she allows, but Vera Grigorievna, was so shaken that she just was not able to sign, after which the nurse asked me to sign accompanying.

As time went on, the medical staff led by doctor ate, laughed – because someone else’s pain is not normal. Surely there is a professional code of med. employee (I’m not talking about the HIPPOCRATIC oath) and to show basic respect to others ‘ pain, even if there is no desire to spare ALL.

Believe me it is scary when a sick man looks into the eyes of the doctor and begs her to help, but in the answer silence and indifference!

Accompanying the woman was forced to seek help in emergency, the on-call doctor in the town of Dimitrovgrad, to the deputies, the leaders in Dimitrovgrad and friends.

Someone sincerely wanted to help, but our doctors genuinely cared about a woman, a disabled child, war child, the daughter whose father never returned from the war in 1945, the mother of two sons, who gave the full duty to the nation. The eldest son 2.5 years fought in Afghanistan and have undermined the health of his mother, when six months had lost contact with his son due to the fact that the commander on the day sending home from Herat requests (“ORDERING CAN’T , PLEASE”) A. soldier Silkin to stay for another six months, to teach young neobstrelyannyh guys to fight in a real war. These boys didn’t fall, and most have returned home! The youngest son also went through the war in Chechnya.

In hospital sick woman stayed with 15h. to 21h.

And again plea to young people, SOS for help, for mercy, to help bring the disabled home on a stretcher to the fourth floor.

And guys one question, perplexity, disappointment, how is this possible in our Russia … or only in Dimitrovgrad ?!

I, a teacher with 23 years of experience first time in my life found the answer to the question, the students…

Here You have an example of kindness and compassion for the younger generation!!!

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